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    Home Defense Cannon

    Grape shot. It really works!
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    New howitzer

    Check here for your worm. https://jmelledge.com/Implements.html
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    Dummy rounds for display

    You can get them here. https://jmelledge.com/BlockTackleChainShotWeapons.html
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    Wooden (tube liner)Signal Cannon

    Jack, How is a wooden barrel not relevant to a thread about someone considering making a wooden cannon? This was not an advertisement. I think you have a problem. Again.
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    Wooden (tube liner)Signal Cannon

    snidervolley, Don't bring a pistol to a cannon fight! :blah: Zulu
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    Wooden (tube liner)Signal Cannon

    There is also the problem of getting a sturdy vent into the barrel in a secure fashion. This is an all wooden gun barrel but I would never consider trying to make it shoot. There are just too many safety variables that would have to be overcome. The barrel is 36" long Zulu
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    Video-Black powder cannon project

    Let me hold your wallet. You're going to blow yourself up.
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    my first

    Just the carriage. There is a lot involved in a properly made carriage. The side cheeks are tapered so the trunnion pockets and all through bolt holes have to be drilled at an angle. The trunnion bolts have to run vertically through the side cheeks and the axle. The rear axle is also held on...
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    my first

    I have sold properly made carriages like that for $1000. Zulu
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    my first

    If you are selling that for $750, you are selling way, way, too cheap. The carriage, if properly made, is worth at least that much. Zulu
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    Free Cannon

    At least for "blank" firing guns, the steel liner, etc is not as important. Your are kidding right?
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    Free Cannon

    Once you get passed the thought of loaning something so valuable, can you even imagine the liability involved? No one in their right mind would do it. :youcrazy: Zulu
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    2nd Model Prarie Carriage

    Thanks for the compliments. Making cannon carriages is my passion. What could be more fun than doing what you love to do. Zulu
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    2nd Model Prarie Carriage

    Riverrat, The best thing you can do is invest a few bucks in Antique Ordnance Publishers drawing for a #1 carriage. You will then have full detail on every item on that carriage. There is a lot involved in a carriage like that. You get out of it only what you are willing to invest in it. I am...
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    2nd Model Prarie Carriage

    I have always found that you get results that match exactly the time invested in a project. Zulu
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    Another naval carriage

    He is one that is even smaller. It is for an 11" long barrel. The carriage is only 7 1/2" long and is also made of walnut. This is the smallest carriage I have made. Zulu
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    Another naval carriage

    Here is a little naval carriage I made for a 13" long brass barrel. The carriage is made of walnut. The barrel is a different style than I have seen before. Michael
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    Garrison Carriage

    Here is a garrison carriage I made for a Brooks USA golf ball bore 24 pounder. It turned out real nice! That barrel is 45 lbs. of brass! I used a drawing from "Round Shot and Rammers" for the carriage. Zulu
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    I have never heard of rope rings before. Do you have some where I can learn more about them? Zulu
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    Gary, That's nice! :thumbsup: I want one! Michael