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  1. jonathan butcher

    Your most 'interesting' muzzleloader transaction ?

    I'm still shaking my head over this one. Last night I found a nice and early M1861 revolver online at a purveyors site which I decided I couldn't live without. I called the place and spoke to the owner, we had a very pleasant and lengthy chat and I told him that as we were just sitting down to...
  2. jonathan butcher

    SOLD Hunting bag

    Selling this hand made hand sewn hunting bag/ shooting bag and adjusting carry strap with aged brass buckle. The bag measures 8"x10" and has a large inner pocket. It includes an antique pewter button sinew sewn onto the leading strap which mounts the wick & brush pan set and .50 ball block. $180...
  3. jonathan butcher

    WANTED 1860 Army or 1851 Navy snub nose

    Thought I'd once again canvass for an 1860 Army or 1851 Navy snub nose, if you have one to sell please PM asking price and other details. Thanks for looking, Jon
  4. jonathan butcher

    Civil War Colt's Patent bullet mold- what caliber ?

    Does anyone have any idea what caliber this reproduction Colt's Patent bullet might be ?
  5. jonathan butcher

    WANTED Uberti 1858 Army

    Am again looking for an 1858 Army full size, would prefer an Uberti/ Cimaron but would consider the Pietta 1858 as well. Please pm with what you have and asking price. Thanks very much, Jon
  6. jonathan butcher

    FOR SALE Round Ball bag, block and tools

    Selling this hunters kit- hard-formed ball/ bullet bag to accommodate up to .50 cal round ball. Bag ( made by our own Cuttfingers) also includes flintlock tool set of made of antler and a maple ball block for .50. Price @ $50 shipped. PLEASE send all questions or comments via PM as I will miss...
  7. jonathan butcher

    WANTED Colt's Patent bullet mold

    Looking for a couple of Civil War era Colt's Patent bullet molds, .36 and .44. If you have either to sell please pm with asking price, pics etc. Thanks for looking, Jon
  8. jonathan butcher

    WANTED 1860 Army/ 1851 Navy snub nose

    Looking for a steel frame 1860/ 1851 Pietta ( or other) snub nose. Am not looking for a brass frame, fluted cylinder or the birdshead handle. See picture below. Please forward a pm with asking price, pics and other details, thanks for looking.
  9. jonathan butcher

    TRADE .69 cal round balls

    I have a new package of 20qty .69 round balls ( .678, .69 cal, 480gr ) from October Country, am seeking equal value in .36 round balls for Colt Navy pistol ( .375 ). If interested just pm me with details, I can mail these lickety split!
  10. jonathan butcher

    CLOSED Remington 1858

    Looking for a Pietta Remington 1858 .44, cosmetic condition unimportant, mechanical condition must be exc. Please send asking price, pics and other info via pm. Thanks for looking.
  11. jonathan butcher

    CLOSED Pietta M1860 Army

    Pietta 1860 Army made in 1992 in exc condition w/ light handling consistent with being 28yrs old, all patina is naturally occurring. Bore mint, cylinder chambers mint, action is slick and smooth, this gun has never been shot. Including 5 nipple bumpers for dry firing. Lower 48 states only...
  12. jonathan butcher

    SOLD Belt pouch

    Selling this Civil War/ Post-Civil War era cap and ball belt pouch. The sinew-stiched pouch is made of heavy leather and is unmarked. It measures aprox. 8 3/8 by 6 3/8 by 2 1/2 inches and makes a very serviceable carrier for your C&B possibles- spare cylinders, bear grease, folding knife, musket...
  13. jonathan butcher

    SOLD Colt 1860 revolver

    Selling this Colt 3rd Gen M1860 Army revolver. Gun comes in it’s original box and is unfired. Price @ $640 + actual shipping to your door. Please forward any questions via PM so I don’t miss them. Thanks for looking.
  14. jonathan butcher

    Another Colt 1860 disassembly question

    Is it better to have the gun at half cock when removing the mainspring from a Colt 1860 revolver ? Or should it be at hammer-down ?
  15. jonathan butcher

    Another great round ball bag by Cutfingers

    Thank you Cutfingers for another great bit of kit, very much appreciated!
  16. jonathan butcher

    WANTED Colt 2nd Gen 1860 Army revolver

    Hi Guys, Am looking for a Colt 2nd Gen 1860 Army (non-fluted cylinder) revolver, if you have one to sell please pm with asking price, location and pics would be great. Thanks for looking.
  17. jonathan butcher

    Package recieved, what would you do ?

    Mods, if this isn't the right place for this post by all means do move it. Recently I bought a nice percussion pistol that captured my eye at a known gun auction website. The buyer had good feedback from other buyers, the price was right and I pulled the trigger so to speak, using Buy It Now...
  18. jonathan butcher

    Belgium made percussion pistols

    During the 60's and 70's Belgium produced reproduction 1860 Army and 1851 Navy pistols, sometimes under the distributor name Centaur. Those of you who remember those pistols and have handled both, which reproductions do you think are of better quality- those 60's and 70's Belgium made or the...
  19. jonathan butcher

    SOLD Southern hunting bag w/ antique powder horn

    Selling this Southern hunting bag made by Andy Wright of Florence Alabama .The bag is made from “heavy” linen and is lined, hand sewn using linen thread. It measures 9.5″ wide by 11″ high. The bag includes the attached antique powder horn which is airtight and ready to use. It measures approx...
  20. jonathan butcher

    Rifles of the early Texas Rangers

    What would've been the most deployed early Texas Ranger long arm, 1821-1830 ? This is the earliest picture I could find, maybe Civil War era ? Am seeing three half-stock percussion rifles (Hawkens, Deringer ?), a dbl bbl shotgun and something that might be a Henry Rifle ? Interestingly, it's...