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  1. J

    SOLD Thompson Center Seneca Stock

    Tried to send again...
  2. J

    1851 Snubnose

  3. J

    Pistol shoot ideas

    Makes me think a postal pistol match may be a hoot.
  4. J

    SOLD .54 Cal TC Hawken

    Is it 1" or 15/16" ATF?
  5. J

    What is the best nipple?

    Hot shot.
  6. J

    Sharon T/C Hawken dropin 20 ga

    I've had one of these for about 25 years,I shot it about 10 times with a PRB .610 diameter a .010 patch over 60 grains of 2F. It is hanging on the wall but is still definitely an option for elk in heavy timber.
  7. J

    Greetings from Colorado

    Welcome Jeremy from Cortez. If you come this way bring guns and ammo.
  8. J

    yard sailing paid off today.

    Yesterday we got lucky and picked up two TC Hawkens with all the accoutrements , including a couple of hard cases ,three pounds of 3f Goex and 2 pounds of Triple Seven for $200 for everything! The Bores are perfect one is a 50 Cal and the other is a 54 cal.and both rifles are in beautiful shape...
  9. J

    WANTED Allen U/H or Boxlock

    I have an unfinished Billinghurst UH action if you're interested. $108.00 shipped. PM your email for pics. Michael
  10. J

    CVA Hawken Loading Issues

    Back in the '70's I built one from a kit and experienced the same problem. As I was going to gunsmith school at the time I measured the bore at the muzzle and found it was approximately .007"-.008" under the bore size for about 5" in length. Some guys called it "choked" I called it a mistake in...
  11. J

    T/C Cherokee collectible

    It's a beautiful set and the literature would be hard to get but he'll still need to come down to earth :youcrazy:
  12. J

    T/C Cherokee collectible

    Now it's down to $2000. :idunno:
  13. J

    T/C Cherokee collectible

    I was killing time online today and went to Gunbroker just to get an idea of the prices of some of my junk er I mean collectible stuff. There is a T/C Cherokee two barrel set for $3200.00 :shocked2: Holy guacamole! I was flabbergasted and bumfuzzled at the same time.
  14. J

    Brown a T/C Seneca?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm still up in the air but will just enjoy it for what it is now and perhaps sometime in the future? :idunno:
  15. J

    Brown a T/C Seneca?

    :wink: Maybe "collector value" was the wrong term and I should have said "resale value" instead. Just browning over the blue would defeat the purpose as it would still be pitted. Instead I would drawfile the entire barrel, sand to a worn 220 grit, bead blast, heat with the torch and apply the...
  16. J

    Brown a T/C Seneca?

    I just picked it up and it has a little pitting otherwise it is in beautiful condition. I've always preferred browning on my BP rifles but don't want to ruin any collector value. I don't think it has ever been fired and was just sitting in the previous owners closet forever. The s/n is 37xx. So...
  17. J

    Mystery gun

    Hi guys and gals, I am looking for info on a Lawson Arms, Godfrey Ill. Mod.64 No6. cal.40. This mystery gun just came to me today as part of a trade and I've spent a couple of hours trying to research it but so far no luck. It has a 30",7/8"ATF barrel, walnut half stock, single trigger with one...