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    Another naval carriage

    Here is a little naval carriage I made for a 13" long brass barrel. The carriage is made of walnut. The barrel is a different style than I have seen before. Michael
  2. Z

    Garrison Carriage

    Here is a garrison carriage I made for a Brooks USA golf ball bore 24 pounder. It turned out real nice! That barrel is 45 lbs. of brass! I used a drawing from "Round Shot and Rammers" for the carriage. Zulu
  3. Z

    Naval carriage for a Verbruggen

    Here is a naval carriage I built for a Verbruggen barrel. The barrel was built by South Bend and weighs 200 lbs. The person I built it for is permanently in a wheel chair and needed the carriage to roll very easily. I used iron spoked wheels with roller bearings. They mounted on a 3/4" round...
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    2nd Model Prarie Carriage

    Here is a 1/2 scale 2nd Model Prarie carriage I built for a 1/2 scale Mountain Howitzer barrel. A field carriage is much more involved than a naval carriage because of the amount of metal work involved. You also have to deal with the wheel issue. Spoked wheels are hard to make and very time...
  5. Z

    Naval carriage for an 1812 barrel

    Here is a naval carriage I built for a barrel that was made in 1812. I do all the woodwork as well as the metal work myself. The carriage is properly made with the capsquare bolts running vertically through the side cheeks for strength. The front bolts also go through the axle. The carriage is...
  6. Z

    My South Bend barrel

    Here is my 36" long, 1 1/2" bore South Bend Barrel. I built the split trail carriage as well as the wheels. The wheels are 36" in diameter but are not dished. :idunno: This gun lives in my house in the foyer. When I open the front door, this is the first thing I see. :shocked2: I'm not sure...