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  1. RoaringBull

    Big Bore Flintlock

    OK I thought that I would open the big bore flintlock thread, so we don't hog the for sale thread. Has anyone seen a 2 bore or 4 bore flintlock rifle? I've only seen caplocks with that size bore.
  2. RoaringBull

    SOLD .45 Jukar flintlock Pistol For Sale

    Here’s an old flintlock .45 caliber flintlock pistol that has been sitting in the closet for too long. Nothing real special, but a decent shooter. Missing the rear sight and the ram rod run off long ago. Probably left it at the range at some point. There's probably still a little rust in the...
  3. RoaringBull

    SOLD .45 Jukar Caplock Pistol Customized For Sale

    Little “half-stock” Jukar Caplock .45 caliber pistol that was customized by Charles “Captchee” Stark. Cap did the engraving on the side plate, poured and engraved the pewter nose cap and the design behind the tang, plus inlet the thumb piece. It’s been sitting in the closet for quite some time...
  4. RoaringBull

    SOLD Early CVA Kit w/ Douglas Barrel

    I have an early .45 caliber CVA Kentucky kit for sale. I'm not much of a builder, so I don't need it. I'm told it has a Douglas barrel. The trigger guard it broken and it's missing the ramrod thimbles and the plate that goes between the stock pieces. I'd like to get $275 plus $30 for shipping.
  5. RoaringBull

    SOLD Hand Made Leather Quiver

    Hand stitched and laced leather quiver for sale. Don't remember who made it. 23" tall by 8.5" wide. 1 1/2" rings on the back to attach a strap. How's $125 shipped to you sound? PayPal prefered.
  6. RoaringBull

    SOLD Leather Covered Powder Flask

    Old leather covered powder flask made by Andy "Groundhog" Romack. Those that have been here awhile will remember that name. My makers mark on the back, but that was for ID purposes. How about $70 shipped?