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  1. firestick

    Knife forging questions....

    Anyone used a spring pry bar for forging a Bowie type knife? If so how did it turn out? I also have a nail puller left over from my carpenter days before my back decided to call it quits. Lastly what are some scrap mild steel items you have used to practice forging with?
  2. firestick

    Forty years ago........

    I made my first knife. I had made a caplock .45 out of random parts, a powderhorn from a cow's horn I got at a slaughter house, a leather bag to put it in and a few things to put into it all of which I still have. Everything was done by hand for being married with both of us going to college and...
  3. firestick

    Staking/Pegging a site?

    Has anyone pegged or staked there dovetailed sight to keep it from being moved after getting the windage perfect? I have done it on an unmentionable small caliber rifle before using a prick punch. If you have is that what you used for something else? A couple of good whacks and she is set. Takes...
  4. firestick

    Hudson Bay Axe?

    Was the Hudson Bay style axe used during the fur trade? Just curious as I like the style personally.
  5. firestick

    Lube, wads and my .58

    Was out with my NA Buffallo Hunter and shooting bullets for the 1st time. Also the 1st time I have used wads. Upon reading recommendations I got some wool felt in1/8 and 1/4 inch from durofelt products. (nice people btw). Wet them down with my moose milk and let dry. Used some beeswax and olive...
  6. firestick

    Lead fluxing?

    Help me understand what fluxing of lead is and what is taking place in this process. Is there a minimum temp that must be reached in order for it to be effective? Have always done it using beeswax or alox but never understood what actually was happening other than it removed impurities.
  7. firestick

    May have found my ultimate patch knife.

    Yah I know there really is no such thing historically but then my knife is not historical. It is probably blasphemy in some eyes. I found the Buck 135 Caper to be perfect. I may even put a cocobolo handle on it. Just love this little knife so.much I own the brushes stainless, the black coated...
  8. firestick

    October Country

    Needed a new ram rod for my N.A. Buffalo Hunter. Came with a flimsy 5/16 hickory rod for a .58 cal rifle! I called Them and they were VERY helpful on the size I length I couldn't decide on and man they shipped it quick fast and in a hurry. Craftsmanship is excellent. Thanks O.C.!!!
  9. firestick

    Need to replace the ramrod pipe

    Messing with Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter (cleaning) and dropped it. It landed just right on a work stool and broke the entry pipe for the ramrod.:confused: Now I need to find another. It is almost the size of a pistol RR pipe. The barrel is only an inch long. May be tough to dig one of these up...
  10. firestick

    Homemade wads for rifles.

    Thinking of trying some homemade wads in my .50 and .58 rifles under round balls. What do you use and how thick are they? What size punches do you use? Have they made a difference in loading and accuracy?
  11. firestick

    Tell me about linen for RB patching

    Curious about linen used in Rb patching. Research says there is tow fiber linen and line fiber linen. Tow being of shorter fibers from flax and line being longer fibers. Which should be used? Can either be used? What are your experiences with it. What thicknesses have you found to be useful?
  12. firestick

    Made a new short starter.

    It was for my old .45 but now I have a .50 and a .58 so I reworked it using a 1\2" oak dowel and two 3 0-06 casings. The ball is an old billiard ball. Has a hole drilled into it as a palm saver as well. End's of the cases are cupped the size of the ball to limit deformation of the ball upon...
  13. firestick

    Real black dealer around Cheyenne-Ft Collins?

    Anyone know of a dealer for real balck powder around the Cheyenne/FT Collins area? I may have to make a trip that way in the next month or so.