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  1. Certus

    Conical Bullet For Ruger Old Army.

    Hi, Can anybody recommend a commercially available soft lead conical bullet that would be suitable for use in a Ruger Old Army. Thanks Brian
  2. Certus

    Personal Best.

    I have been able to visit the range on only three occasions following the three month lockdown in the UK which has now been relaxed to allow outdoor ranges to open. The first two visits involved getting used to the many new procedures with most of the limited time being devoted to sanitising and...
  3. Certus

    Cased Remington New Model Navy.

    Although cased Remington revolvers are not normally seen as often as Colts, I assembled a case for my Remington New Model Navy with some reproduction accoutrements and an original cap tin just to keep me occupied during the Corona lockdown. Brian
  4. Certus

    Antique Firearm Restoration.

    I recently posted a thread relating to some marks on the bottom of the grips of a couple of original muzzle loading revolvers I own indicting their use as a hammer at some time in its past. There has been quite a bit of controversy here in the UK over the years regarding the extent of "cleaning...
  5. Certus

    An Everyday Tool.

    Although I would describe the original Remington New Model Navy and Colt 1849 Pocket revolvers I own as being in generally good condition, both butt plates show evidence of their use as a hammer in their earlier days. I reckon the original owners would be shocked if they knew the prices we pay...
  6. Certus

    Colt 1849 Pocket.

    Although regularly I shoot replica percussion revolvers, I always yearned to own at least one original percussion revolver for occasional use. Prices for any original US made revolver from the 1850 / 1860s in the UK are extremely high, particularly so in the case of Colts. About fifteen years...
  7. Certus

    New UK Member.

    Hi, I live in the UK and have been shooting reproduction muzzle loading revolvers since the 1997 ban on the ownership of breech loading pistols and revolvers in this country. Although I have a Ruger Old Army, I also have a couple of Uberti Remington 1858 NMAs, one of which I have had converted...
  8. Certus

    Reproduction & Original.

    Hi, I live in the UK and following the ban on the ownership of breech loading pistols and revolvers here in 1997 I started shooting reproduction muzzle loading revolvers in order to continue with the sport I love. I must admit that once I got myself organised, I really enjoyed shooting these old...