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    Coeur d'Alene Idaho Muzzleloading/Craft Show

    This weekend, Saturday & Sunday, @ 9am each day. I've always had a enjoyable time. This is the 24th annual show. Friends of Spokane House (FOSH) will most likely have a couple of tables there and an old time American Mountain Man (AMM) is usually in attendance.
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    Fur Trade Encampment & Symposium this weekend, Spokane WA

    We are having this get together this weekend near the Spokane House Interpretive Center. Free parking these two days. Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4
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    Friends of Spokane House

    Are having their 2018 Fur Trade Symposium & Encampment - June 9-10, 2018. At the Spokane House in Spokane, WA.
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    Northwest trade gun

    Were any of the NW trade guns made with straight round barrels (breech to muzzle)? Or any for that matter (1750-1830)?
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    I've got a hankering to make me an 1800's scalper this summer. I would like to get the design correct. Blade: OAL about 8" with partial tang, width 1-1.5", and thickness about 1/8". Handle: simple oval out of ash or hickory about 4-5" long, cut for blade tang about halfway, drilled for 4...
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    Jaco Finley's knife

    I was looking at a drawing of his (purported) knife in Russell's Mountain Men book (Fig 52,h, pg 208). It really looks like it was designed as a blade for a folding knife. But the blade looks to be 6-8". Was the folding knife that leaves part of the blade exposed for use (when folded) in use at...
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    Coeur D'Alene Muzzleloading Arms & Early American Craft Show

    Coeur D'Alene, Idaho Muzzleloading Arms & Early American Craft Show is taking place Feb. 10 and 11 at the fairgrounds. I've enjoyed the show over the last several years.
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    Beebe ??

    Trying to get some history. A friend has a BP muzzle loader that he believes is @ 1850. His step father and him put a new barrel on it probably 50 years ago. It has been passed down in the family. In talking to him he believes the gunsmith or maker was Beebe? Sorry, but no pictures. It has a set...
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    Dakota fire pit?

    I did the google fu thing and got almost nothing. Anyone have any idea how long the Dakota (type) fire pit has been used? I am thinking it was well before the name "Dakota fire pit" was coined. I'd like to use it next year for a fur trade encampment.
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    Weaving your own cloth/blanket

    This question popped up on a thread about Hudson Bay blankets. How difficult is it to weave your own cloth or make your own blankets? How does the homemade compare to the Hudson Bay or Pendleton. I'm interested in the utilitarian aspects.
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    Kootenai River Traders

    I ordered a pair of pants from them at the Coeur d'Alene show. Charlotte did a great job-the pants turned out great.
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    Muzzle loading Arms and Pioneer Craft Show

    Just in case anyone is interested, This is scheduled in Coeur d'Alene, ID. this weekend - Feb. 11th and 12th.
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    Fur trade era cot

    Getting ideas on making a quick somewhat period correct cot that would fit in during 1810-1830. I'm in E. WA. and a simple canvass, wood, and rope construction is what I'm leaning towards.
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    Stringging a hammock between supports

    Fur trade era. Being old and less pliable I prefer to be off the ground. Would the posts in a wedge tent hold a hammock??
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    Flash hole position to priming pan?

    I've completed the finish on my Harpers Ferry pistol stock. When I first got it the bottom of the flash hole was @ couple hundredths of an inch below the edge of the pan. After putting the coats of finish on and reassembly the bottom set a couple of hundredths of an inch above the edge. I spent...
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    Does keeping the ball subsonic help with accuracy?

    I was thinking of a 28 but I am finding that a 24 or 20 might be the one that I stumble on. A little recoil sensitive in my inclining age and keeping things subsonic will reduce the recoil.
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    Harpers Ferry 1805 flint lock disassembly

    Looking for tips on disassembling the lock, polishing the parts that will help it function better and reducing the trigger pull. This is a relatively new lock and Dixie has a usable diagram in their new catalog. I have a spring vise, a pair of Craftsman parallel jaw pliers, some screwdrivers and...
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    Does tumbling the lead balls cause surface hardening?

    Does tumbling the lead balls cause surface hardening? Just curious.
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    Metal ramrod?

    So I busted the tip off of my wooden ramrod when taking apart my Harpers Ferry 1805 kit. I am thinking of putting together a metal ramrod using mild steel tubing. I have some stay-brite and tinners flux. Is this a reasonable idea? Any considerations that I have missed?