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    Tea as a filler?

    In some places it is legal to smoke it, probably burns better than cream of wheat.
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    Flash Cups

    Seemed to me they made it harder to run my smokers, cap fragments, capping sometimes, cleaning that area well really meant taking it off. Don’t bother with them now. There is supposed to be a little soot around the flash point, percussion or flint..to me, that is part of the grace they achieve...
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    Sell me on the .40

    My favorite rifle. Legal here for deer, if you choose. Mine is the least fussy front loader I have ever owned, shoots very well with any combo of barrel goods.
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    smoke pipe

    I think Bill Ruger copied that with his lost wax investment casting process. Nothing new under the sun, right?
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    Dream Reproductions

    There are probably dolls available on some other forum..
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    Muzzle protector for cleaning rod.

    Muzzle protector is a good idea regardless of what material your ramrod is made of. Very nice job. Hardened steel is probably the least harmful to soft ML steels because hard grit can’t imbed itself into the rod turning it into an abrasive lap
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    Daniel Boone's Knife?

    The blacksmith (also the gunsmith?) was the technical rock star of the region. He made axes, plowshares, sickles, and , i’m sure, knives. I don’t see fancy or showy being a big part of his trade.
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    Dream Reproductions

    Root patent side hammer revolver
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    What states are you from?

    I’m in the banana belt a county or so South of there...
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    The Log Cabin Gun Shop

    You can’t possibly have too much black powder stuff....
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    Just a show of hands, how many make their own ammution?

    Yup, the lead fumes keep my nose hair under control..
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    Canoe Alternatives

    Aramid or carbon fiber - 34 lbs.
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    What states are you from?

    Northern Minnesota, so cold up here most of the time the hooty owls sleep with the chickens, and some folks think Grover Cleveland is president. In a few weeks we will know....at least where Mr Cleveland is.
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    Yes, 230 grains of medicine is more than enough for anything around here...
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    Brass tacks and other bling

    I’m clumsy enough that a trip or two in the woods or in the canoe and - voila! original, authentic patina. Each bruise, rash, bump retrieves memories of a special day.
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    I have a .54 bought in 2003 that gas a 1:66 twist.
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    Embers left in the barrel after a shot?

    Tattoos were popular throughout the muzzleloading epoch; face and hand powder tattoos from trying to reload a little to quickly after the last shot.
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    Too Pretty to shoot

    Reminds me of my first wife; you need to put some dings, scratches, dents, and turn it into something truly beautiful....just say’n....
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    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    30 bore? That is 30 to the pound, a ball would weigh 233 grains, approx .54 cal....Who in that part of the world at that time would carry an actual 30 cal? Pill would weigh around 35-40 gr..... . Hollywood could make it work, I’m sure.
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    Canoe Alternatives

    Exterior plywood is cheap and “weatherproof” as far as proof goes. If you are gonna cover it with 6oz glass and epoxy, the defects on the back side don’t matter. Add dye to the last coat of epoxy and make it any color you want.