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  1. smo

    Lubed fiber wad containers

    Seresto flea collar can, about 4 “ in diameter. Take the shot bag and ticking out and it will hold approximately 50 pre lubed wads. Way more than I care to shoot in one outing..
  2. smo

    Bare Ball Size

    My gun mics .653, I shoot. .642 ... but a .648 shoots well too. It seems as if a ball close to the actual bore size works better than a smaller one when shooting bare ball loads. At least in my gun it does..
  3. smo

    Yes it is Gunpowder

    Explosive as a propeller.... got to be a rocket scientist. That explains the secret squirrel code.
  4. smo

    Diablo Peeps

    Probably about the only kind of hot chick I could handle these days....lol
  5. smo

    Is there a list of Muzzleloader dealers?

    TVM in Mississippi Chambers in the Carolinas.
  6. smo

    Opinion on this rifles time period.

    It's a good looking gun that should be Welcomed at any shoot. The only exception might be at a juried event or a truly Historical event.
  7. smo

    Removing factory grease

    Tilt the barrel muzzle down and just use a damp patch , Carburetor cleaner works well I'm told.
  8. smo

    Possible bags

    The zip lock has been replaced with a small tin for patches... Here's my smoothbore pouch...
  9. smo

    New belt bag..

    Sorry for the late reply.... I think that one was 7 1/2” wide x 6” deep Thanks
  10. smo

    Different lubes different results.

    That's how I do mine as well with the OO or the One Shot ... The spit patches which I use now only in emergency situations and they are usually cut at the muzzle. Emergency being, I ran out of pre lubed or lost my tin ...
  11. smo

    Different lubes different results.

    I would re shoot the dry patch load now just too see if it moves again.... 2" is a good bit at 25 yards. Some great targets posted above, Guys there's some Folks out there that can shoot... And I'm sure each one has that certain , preferred lube. Own a .54 cal rifle with a Colerain barrel...
  12. smo

    My first Powder Horn - The full Tour

    Well done! Congrats
  13. smo

    My first powder horn etching work...

    Fantastic work and a great tutorial. Thanks for posting, I'm looking forward too seeing more of your work.
  14. smo

    My 7 Years War, S.W. NC. near Whiteside Mountain, Scottish Regalia & Jim Chamber's place

    What kind of club does the Gentleman in the top photo have strapped on? .40 cal? Smart Man...
  15. smo

    My 7 Years War, S.W. NC. near Whiteside Mountain, Scottish Regalia & Jim Chamber's place

    Great pics, Thanks for posting them. What a great trip!
  16. smo

    12 gauge recoil

    Great info by All. The Shooters condition / form has a lot to do with perceived recoil.. Shooting fg powder will also lessen felt recoil. Less Lead will as well.
  17. smo

    Negativity towards Traditions guns

    Ya' gotta' hold your mouth just right ta' get em' in close!
  18. smo

    Negativity towards Traditions guns

    I shot him as he got closer too the truck head on at 50 yards.... Luckily he only ran about 15 yards... towards the truck! That 15 yards was more like a stumble rather than a run.... GW's removed glands testing for CWD..... He was negative.
  19. smo

    Negativity towards Traditions guns

    I'm snobish' towards guns that kill deer.... Sorry, The TC has already Sold!