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    How often do you run into other muzzle loader hunters?

    I have run into more than one deer hunter using a muzzle loader. I wonder why it seems not many small game hunters use them.
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    Ramrod for loading in the field...

    They bounce the ramrod for the same reason a person smacks a pack of smokes in their hand before they open the pack. Because they were told it does something. In reality, there's no logical reason to do either, much less smoke at all.
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    Ramrod for loading in the field...

    Never say never friend. It took me 25 years to break mine.
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    How many coats of BLO?

    I dont know where you guys are getting your linseed oil but the stuff I have does dry and it hasn't oozed once.
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    Ramrod for loading in the field...

    I use the wood ramrod when deer hunting as I usually only need to use it once or twice max. That said I did break mine last year on the opening day of deer season when I loaded the gun at the truck. Fortunately I was able to get the rod out and the gun was properly loaded. I now have two wooden...
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    BC Plum Brown on frames, small parts, etc.

    Plus 1 on the use of motor oil. I have a small oil can that I use for just this purpose. I put the oil on liberally and reapply it for at least a week or so. It stops the rust and deepens the color.
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    PA early ML

    Just beware that there are other seasons open concurrently with Pa's early muzzleloader season. I normally skip the early season simply because at that time of year Id rather small game hunt. You will be sharing the woods with squirrel hunters, grouse hunters, and archery hunters, maybe not in...
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    How often do you run into other muzzle loader hunters?

    Was out squirrel hunting the other day. On my slow walk back to my truck, I saw another hunter coming up the path. As it was the way out of the woods and back to my truck, I ended up crossing paths with the man. To my surprise, he was carrying a Flintlock. It was the first time I've encountered...
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    How many coats of BLO?

    I've been adding a coat each day for the past week. It dries nicely with the turpentine mixed in it. I rub it on with the fingers (rubber gloves on of course), then before the next coat, I've lightly rubbed it with 0000 steel wool, followed by a tack cloth and shop vac for the dust. I got the...
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    BC Plum Brown on frames, small parts, etc.

    I've browned lock parts, trigger plates etc with plum brown. I try not to get it on threads or screw holes but if the part is oiled right after Browning it won't hurt anything even if the threads get browned. I go out of my way though to prevent plum brown from getting into the rifling. That's...
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    Caliber Opinions. First Build

    .54 all the way.
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    Dont forget your powder.

    Its not that big a deal. I have a good wife, and we are all human. No one is immune from mistakes. No need to be so hard on oneself, and it does one good to admit to being fallable sometimes.
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    How many coats of BLO?

    How many coats of linseed oil do you normally rub onto a new stock? I'm on probably my sixth or seventh coat of oil. I thin it down with turpentine one to one for the first couple coats tben gradually add more linseed oil to increase the ratio of oil to turp.
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    Offer help if it is asked for is my approach. Sometimes a new shooter might know what to do, but has to experience things first to get a better grip on his knowledge. There's nothing worse than the old salt who insults the newbie with knowledge accompanied with the arrogance of expectation on...
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    TVM Builder’s kit

    I'm in the same boat as A Wyatt. My first build was a TVM, and I as well didn't have anything to compare mine too, so I left more wood than probably was supposed to be there. But you know what, for a first build it turned out decent, and has accounted for two deer so far. I'm not in it to win...
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    There are goof ups and then there are GOOF-UPs

    The best part about mistakes are, unless they're really bad, you will be the only person that knows about them. Once that rifle is finished those shims won't even be able to be noticed. I made a few boo boos on the inlets in my side plate and on the hunters star. Plan was to fill them in with...
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    hanging over the fireplace

    I had thought the same thing. Me personally, my guns are stored well away from the fireplace.
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    Brand New to Flintlocks - One On The Way

    Welcome to the addiction. Now is the time to pick up all the gear you will need to go along with your gun before it gets here. Items such as powder measure, ball starter, cleaning jag, patches lube, the list goes on.
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    Dont forget your powder.

    Any woman worth her salt may not like it agree with your hobbies, but is willing to accept them as part of the package. Any woman who doesn't, or expects you to give something up, is best left at the curb while you find a new girlfriend. My wife doesnt exactly like guns but she knew going into...
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    Safe to Shoot A Muzzleloader That's Been Loaded for Years

    I've never left any of mine loaded that long, but I have routinely left one loaded for the entire deer hunting season, which is from the start of rifle at the end on November. I fired and killed a deer with it the last day of Flintlock season near the end of January.