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  1. Kozmo

    A US model 1842 speaks

    I recently acquired an excellent H Aston US model 1842 pistol from a forum member here. I've never owned a single shot pistol, but this one was too cool for me to pass up. Got it out to the lease this weekend for a little exercise and it was the highlight of the day! (And that was against an...
  2. Kozmo

    considering another build

    Ok, my bench is way too clean and organized. I'm feeling the need for another build. I finished my first build, a kibler SMR, followed by a detour into a powderhorn creation. What to do now? Build another gun? I've been eyeing the totw trade guns as I'd like something similar to a Fowler...
  3. Kozmo

    First horn

    After finishing my kibler SMR, I thought I'd make a horn for my hunting kit. It's a medium horn about 13 inches. I dyed the forward part with rit dark brown but it came out almost black. Rubbed it back a little and it mellowed some. Waxed with Renaissance. I still need a few more scrapings...
  4. Kozmo

    Two Feathers - two thumbs up

    Just wanted to recognize two Feathers for being a great craftsman and a really nice guy to deal with. Thanks for the great pouches and nifty forged pick!
  5. Kozmo

    My first flintlock build

    Well this has been a long time in coming. I think I have had this kibler SMR in the works for almost two years, working on it weekends only and sometimes missing whole months. Aside from sizing a few lug pins and waiting on wood screws for the toe plate, it's a done deal! So glad I chose this...
  6. Kozmo

    split forestock repair

    Hey fellas, last night I split my forestock down the barrel channel while installing the pin in the muzzle-end ramrod pipe. The pin hung up on the pipe tab next to the drilled hole and I stupidly tried to use force. It split cleanly along the channel about 4 inches from muzzle, across the...
  7. Kozmo

    SOLD Pedersoli, 1861 Springfield

    Pedersoli 1861 Springfield muzzleloader in .58 caliber. I have owned this about a year and only fired it once. Beautiful rifle that shows very light use. I did a complete clean and shot 3 rounds - shoots nicely with cast .58 minie's. Comes with 26 .58 cal minie balls. I think these were cast...
  8. Kozmo

    Recommendations for horn kit

    Hey fellas, I've been shooting BP pistols and a few rifles for several years. I don't own a horn, but as I'm going to finish my Kibler SMR soon, I'd like to have a powder horn with the rifle for hunting. I've seen a ton of really nice horns for sale, but am drawn to making one myself. Who...