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  1. J

    Matchlock on the range and safety

    So others and myself work with youth groups pretty much every month, non covid, and work with them on firearms history and let them shoot our flinters and percussion guns. So we start with history of BP. We do not have a matchlock and am considering getting one to add to the class for ignition...
  2. J

    Sage outfitters

    Anyone know if there are issues? Chargecard charged 7/28. Bo poroduct, voicemail full, no answer, no reply to email. Understand covid has impacted us all. Guidance if anyone has any info.
  3. J

    Friendship post from their facebook page about 5.15 pm EST. Sorry folks.

    ‎NMLRA (National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association)‎ to NMLRA - Muzzleloading & Living History Discussion 10m · Last night, July 30, the NMLRA Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2020 National Championships held at the NMLRA grounds in Friendship, Indiana September 12-20. This was a hard...
  4. J

    Navy arms 2nd model dragoon

    Been reading seaching here and other places. 1st question, use #10 caps? On these nipples they have a tendency to fall off or come loose requiring two strikes to fire the cap. Replace the nipples? Pinching the caps does not seem to work well due to full power loads. Some model nipples prefer...
  5. J

    TVM woes

    For those interested, i asked the question concerning how the discrepancies in a customer's rifle was resolved recently as it has been about 8 weeks or more. The original thread was closed by zonie on 6/25 and we have not heard how it was moving along. I am a fan of TVM and was curious how they...
  6. J

    Question about TVM woes,

    Smokey Plainsman, Mid june (19th) this year you had issues with the rifle you received from TVM. I am a fan of their products. Has the issue been resolved? Still negotiating? Given what folks said about them here, positive and negative, i am interested in how they have handled the...
  7. J

    Old south Firearms

    Trussville alabama. Nice on line store and has a brick and mortar store by chattanooga. Nice layout of their website, prices seem reasonable. Bought a 36 and 44 replacement cylinder for my 1858's and a belt carrying case for the cylinder this week. Quick shipping. Would say website a bit...
  8. J

    Colorado clyde

    Anyone heard from him? I think the last time here was 10/25? Long time ago.
  9. J

    Patches disappear

    Ok, shooting 75 grains olde eynesforth, patches lube stumpy moose juice formula. .0015 or so size. Found some beginning of range session but as session went on deteriorated to where I could not find them at all or were just a shredded mess of threads. During the session as it went on, trying...
  10. J

    Been a few weeks or more now,

    We need to welcome Angie to our little group! Thank you for what you have been doing and we hope you are learning as much as we do every day on this forum. Just remember we are all PRETTY old and new things are really different for us. Thanks for all you do and I bet if you wanted to try...
  11. J

    TC nipple replacement

    Got a TC cherokee 45 cal carbine. Scouts love it with the light weight, 25 grain 3f roundball load offhand. Over a 1000 shots with this nipple. Now I realize it is a light bp charge, but here is the question, gunshop I frequent has different height replacement 1/4 ×28 nipples. Currently my...
  12. J

    Woods walk setup

    Question, if you are doing practice for a woods walk style shoot of say 15 shots minimum, non range setup so you can't bring your tackle boxes unless you have someone tote it for you, so rifle, shooting bag, powder horn, ball bag, patch knife. How do you tote your patches? Length of material...
  13. J

    2nd model dragoon, San marcos

    So the pistol plus the lee mold 450 conical for cap and ball. 3 of the cylinders did not want to keep the conical seated against the powder. Have not had any trouble with the 451 lee roundball in any cylinder. First I am going to cast up some more 450's and then measure them. Did not do this...
  14. J

    Cartridge making.

    Gonna watch some utube videos but questions. 36 cal so 375 roundball. Found some cigarette papers, do I need a WAD? 18-20 grains of 3f, how long will they hold together before splitting down the seam or unrolling? Just stack em in a cigar box? Not gonna make many first time, 18-24 maybe. Use...
  15. J

    Jack hinson, his one man war

    Excellent read about the civil war, life then, around the western area of tennessee. Land between the lakes area. Tough times, tough area. 600 yard shots on a moving boat, multiple times. Custom made 50 cal muzzy. All about revenge for an atrocity to his family.
  16. J

    most difficult

    Ok we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Our likes and dislikes. What is your biggest dislike in building a rifle and it does not have the most difficult. What is the most difficult part of the build in your opinion?
  17. J

    is it a normal procedure when building

    Measure, measure again, set up cut, check angle, start cut, stop, measure again, check angle, finish cut. Ah man where is the wood filler? Geeezzzz.
  18. J

    building a rifle as a newbie

    Frustrating. When companies tell you they have the components, tell you they have shipped the components and you don't get the components. How do you build a rifle without a stock that they told you they had in stock and when you call they say they will never get them in ever again? And yet...
  19. J

    trigger adjustment

    Ok, not a gunsmith, not a gun builder (did a traditions on my lap 35 yrs ago). Have several cva's with double set triggers. Bought a wheeler trigger pull gauge to check the pull weight and adjust so they are the same. However, how do I increase the pull weight? They are currently at about 2...
  20. J


    Okay, pedersoli 45 cal percussion pistol. Guy at the range, gun quit shooting. Figured dryball.. tried, co2 discharger, ball puller, powder through nipple, bore lite through nipple. Nothing comes out and gun won't fire, no lite through bore and no air coming through when blowing down the...