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  1. Thunder14

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 5o cal

    1978-1979 serial # 55000 T/C Hawken 50 cal 1/48 twist 28 inch barrel good bore. has little crack buy bottom of lock it was epoxied and has been fine ever since. $450
  2. Thunder14

    FOR SALE CVA Frontier

    CVA Frontier 50cal 1/48 twist new only 5 shots threw it to test befor selling mint condition bought and stored also.$250
  3. Thunder14

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 50cal

    this is a 1979-1980 serial #77000 T/C Hawken 50 cal 28 inch barrel 1/48 twist factory fiber octave sights I have 3 shots threw it to test before selling it is in mint condition bought back then and stored.$550
  4. Thunder14

    Slot in middle of hammer

    Just wondering what is that slot for in the middle of the hammer.
  5. Thunder14

    1861 colt navy 36 cal

    My Pietta 1861 navy calls for 376 balls but it seems no one carry’s them only carry 375 anyone else having this issue.
  6. Thunder14

    Traditions Kentucky 50cal

    first time gun has ever been shot bought it from a Forum member. Here is how she did 2 shots 50 yards iron sights 50gr 2F 490 ball. thats a 6 inch plate.
  7. Thunder14

    Any idea of maker

    It's a 45cal percussion 10 1/4 barrel 7/8 flat to flat adjustable sights.checkerd grip,scrolled barrel and lock ,brass lock plate on left side. The only marking anywhere is on the barrel (made in Spain) not even a caliber marking. Any info would be appreciated
  8. Thunder14

    New perdersoli results

    Well here is 15 shots at 50 yards,40gr FF Goex,440 ball,15patch Damp here is 3 shots same setup 50gr FF Goex
  9. Thunder14

    CVA Hawken pistol

    Looking for some information on my CVA Hawken pistol, I am in need of the lock screws,tang screw,barrel wedge,barrel tennon,and rear site. I was wondering if parts from a CVA Hawken rifle would fit or is there a later model I could use the parts from since they discontinued this Hawken model in...
  10. Thunder14

    Lonely TC Hawken found new home

    This is my new Hawken added to my collection,never been fired closet Queen.
  11. Thunder14

    Pedersoli Willits Brown Bess

    need some help I have a chance to pick up a Pedersoli Brown Bess Flintlock smooth bore Willits . IT has a brand new stock from Pedersoli just needs to be finished do to the original stock was damaged.Its a complete rifle The lock ,barrel and everything else looked in great shape.I can have it...
  12. Thunder14

    Pedroseli barrel color

    Why is the barrel on my 45cal Kentucky a Plumb red.
  13. Thunder14

    My new 45cal Kentucky

    Just picked this up today never fired, just wondering what would have been a fair price. I think I got a good deal.
  14. Thunder14

    What size drum and thread needed

    ok I’m needing some advice on what size drum and what thread size should i use. THis is on a 45 cal Percussion 29 1/2 long barrel I have threaded the barrel to except my 5/8 w 1/2 D breech plug.Im going to have to drill into the breechplug for the drum do to I can not move the barrel back do...
  15. Thunder14

    Ready for new breach plug

    Ok here we go I cut off bad section of barrel 45cal. As was suggested.So the barrel is 15/16 from flat to flat my bore hole is .453/.454 Should I go with 9/16 x18 breach plug. The original drum was resessed this is the issues there was no barrel left and that caused the barrel to fracture. So...
  16. Thunder14

    My tang/breach plug dilemma

    Ok this is what I’m up against,tang is snaped. Could I weld it back together or should I see if I can get it off and Replace it.Most likely the new on would have to be tacked onto the plug because the plug end has been destroyed. I could use some guidance on which route to go with this...
  17. Thunder14

    Replacement of breach plug and tang

    I have acquired a 45cal percussion rifle That needs a new tang and from the look of it a breach plug also, So before I get carried away is removing the old breach plug going to be a headache or is it a removal and replace job. The Tang has cracked and the end of the plug looks like someone...
  18. Thunder14

    Who manufactured this

    OK any idea who could be the manufacturer of this 45cal / 32 inch barrel/percussion/JUNK lock/barrel bore not centered/ Only markings are the number 149 on the barrel and on the stock and 45cal on the barrel.shoots pretty dang good holds 2inch group at 50yards with my bad eyes.I want to replace...
  19. Thunder14

    Help finding barrel

    I was given a older Kentucky (older) two piece stock ,I would like to build have been practicing my skills on these cheeped it but it needs a barrel where would be the best place to get one from
  20. Thunder14

    How to remove pressed nipples

    Hi,I’m looking for guidance on how to remove (non threaded nipples ) in an 1800”s London 12 gauge. Should I just drill them out and tap the holes to except threaded nipples. Or is there a method to remove the original ones.