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  1. Richard Dittman

    T/C Hawken breach plug

    Can anybody tell me what the bottom of the breach plug looks like. I have a 50 cal Hawken percussion rifle. Is it flat or rounded. I don’t have a bore scope and don’t want to spend a couple hundred just to look down the barrel to find out.
  2. Richard Dittman

    Glass bedding a T/C Hawken

    I have a T/C Hawken and just bought a GM barrel for it. I would like to glass bed it but haven’t done anything like this before. How hard is it to do.
  3. Richard Dittman

    T/C Hawken 50 cal load

    I have a T/C 50 cal Hawken rifle and am having trouble getting a good load for 50 & 100 yards. What does other shooters use.
  4. Richard Dittman

    SOLD T/C New Englander Barrel

    T/C New Englander 50 cal barrel. Has only had 350 - 400 prb thru it. $100 plus $15 shipping. Has a little of wear showing on barrel.
  5. Richard Dittman

    T/C New Englander trigger pull

    Does anybody know how to decrease the trigger pull on a TC New Englander. Been target shooting and by the time I try to pull the trigger, I am off the center of the target.
  6. Richard Dittman

    SOLD T/C Grey Hawk Percussion 54 cal rifle

    This rifle has a stainless barrel with a Rynite stock. The barrel is 24” long with a 1 in 48 twist. The open sights are fully adjustable. It weighs approx. 7 lbs. The overall length is 41”. I have shot approx. 150- 200 round balls thru it. It in real good shape except for a little marring on one...