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    3-gun aggregate MZ pistol comps

    So, how many of you shoot any or all three of the muzzleloading pistol events - smoothbore flintlock or matchlock, rifled percussion, or as-issued revolver - and what are your weapon(s) of choice? :confused: Jim
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    Battle of New Orleans upon us!

    Aye mates, in less than a month the redcoats descend upon the Big Muddied (by Katrina) fer their annual drubbin! :haha: January 12 and 13, to be exact, and my Baratarians and our Plauche's Battalion and Beal's Rifle Company allies extend to all of you a most cordial invitation to attend. Capt...
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    Naval officer's hat

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a Confederate naval officer's hat? I'm doing a privateer impression, so it need not have any regulation insignia; just a correct style. Capt. William
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    Posts Are Disappearing!

    Something very strange happened today: Gentleman of Fortune posted a nice picture of himself in pirate garb, trying to interest members in a Piracy and Buccaneering Forum. I replied to same. Strangely, these posts have disappeared! How could this happen? :hmm: Capt. William
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    Display cannon balls?

    Does anyone know where I can get round balls, grape shot, bar shot, chain shot, etc.? I want to set up a display of such items, for demo purposes. :confused: Capt. William
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    Linstock for sale?

    I just received a beautiful little 1/4 scale cannon on naval carriage from the Jefferson Armory. The whole she-bang weighs 75 pounds, including tube, carriage, carrying box, and its scaled-sized implements. The only thing it DIDN'T come with is a linstock; and scale model or no, I would still...
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    CW Naval topics

    Is anyone on the list interested in Civil War naval and maritime matters? If so, I invite you to join my e-list: confederateprivateers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Capt. William
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    Baratarian Cannoneer's Mate

    This picture shows Capt. William (hands over ears, and his mate (with slow match), firing the 6 pounder.
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    Baratarian Cannoneer

    Here is Capt. William as a Baratarian Cannoneer. As you can see, he looks a lot like his avatar. :crackup: His Ever Lovin' First (and only) Mate
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    Battle of New Orleans Exhibit

    Went to a great one yesterday. Where? Why, here in New Orleans, of all places! :) At the Historic New Orleans Collection on Royal Street. They even had a rifle that was used in the battle by a member of Beale's Rifle Company: and what a beauty she was! Yesterday was Family Day so I got to...
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    Rate of cannon fire

    Anyone care to post an opinion regarding the folowing comment: In the heat of battle, a good Civil War cannon crew could get off 12-13 rounds a minute. Capt. William
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    Declaration of Independence Anniversary?

    Is that coming up tomorrow? If so, you'd never know it from watching the History Channel this weekend: nearly everything is about World War II. :hmm: Capt. William
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    Synthetic flint arrowheads

    UBB4-ML-128033-ML- General interest.
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    Todd Carpenter, Custom Blackpowder Arms

    I got to jawin' with Todd while at the Siege of Charleston the past weekend. He seemed a right amiable cuss, and very knowledgeable. Does anyone have any experience with his work? Capt. William
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    Jamestown Quadricentennial

    Does anyone have any info regarding the 2007 events in Jamestown, Virginia? :: Capt. William
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    Who's Goin' ta Chas'ton?

    This weekend is the 225th anniversary of the Siege of Charleston, S.C. My wife Jan and I will be there. Is anyone else from the list going? Capt. William
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    What;s optimal barrel length?

    It seems to me that many flinters, whether smooth or rifled, have VERY long barrels: 36, 42, 44 inches. Is there really any advantage to such a long tube? Does it help combustion and hence increase ignition that much, compared with say, a 30 inch barrel? Seems as though a shorter barrel would be...
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    Trade shirts

    Can anyone recommend a good source for Indian trade shirts? Is there documentation that whites wore them? Seems like a trade shirt and a weskit would make a great warm-to-cool weather combination. Capt. William
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    Revolutionary War in Louisiana

    I was speaking with a reenactor yesterday who portrays a member of a Spanish colonial unit called (in English) the Louisiana Regiment of Infantry; very pretty blue and white uniforms. He informed me that the Spanish had engaged in several battles against the English in Louisiana during the...
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    Cannon Drills

    Here's one from 1800. http://www.navyandmarine.org/ondeck/1800gundrill.htm Capt. William