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    New Member in Southern Ohio

    Thank ya, thank ya.. lol.. heading over to St. Albans tomorrow for all day gun show.. I'm looking for shotshell reloading supplies. Going to be a good day, I hope.
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    SOLD The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle

    Amazing, thank you for clarifying. I had hoped it was a history of long rifle manufacturing (muzzle loading of course).. Perhaps one day I may look into this but I have enough on my plate as is.
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    New Member in Southern Ohio

    quick intro, I live in S. Ohio and am retired. I enjoy many activities. I am currently starting my reloading phase of my life, going to start shotgun(12/20g) first and if I enjoy it perhaps buy a dillon 650/750 in a year or so.. I own a T/C Pennsylvania Hunter, I would love to obtain more...