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  1. selvinman

    WANTED Palmetto Replica Whitney Navy .36 Cal.

    The title says it all. Does someone on the Forum have one they are willing to part with for less than arm and leg? Thank you for looking at my post. God bless!
  2. selvinman

    Who rebuilds antique percussion locks?

    I would like to find someone to rebuild a pair of percussion locks off an original old double barrel shotgun. These are not back action locks. I would like them to use the plates and hammers and go from there.
  3. selvinman

    1982 World's Fair Renegade Information?

    Fellows I picked up a Thompson Center Renegade with the barrel marked "The 1982 World's fair Knoxville, Tenn U.S.A. 966 of 1982". Any information and approximate value would be greatly appreciated. The metal is 98%. The bore is pristine. The stock has surface scratches and one deeper scratch...
  4. selvinman

    Open sights on a target rifle

    Ok fellows, I have ordered a custom barrel for my Hopkins and Allen style underhammer, which I built from a Deer Creek kit. The problem I need help with is this: I have and intend to use a Redfield globe front and an Anschutz rear on this barrel for my AMS matches. I need to come up with an...
  5. selvinman

    Single trigger Renegade to double set?

    My son is looking at a single trigger TC Renegade and was wondering if it is possible to convert to double set? He was thinking about Davis trigger. :hmm: Has anyone here attempted this and if so what all has to be done to complete this conversion? Thanks in advance for all your help :)
  6. selvinman

    Underhammer kit

    I am thinking of a underhammer .45 to dedicate for a 100 yard rifle. Has anyone had experience with Blue Grouse Kits. Are they still in business and reliable? Any idea on wait time? Suggestions on sights would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. selvinman

    pre measure powder for range

    I would like to find a source for small vials to pre measure black powder to take to the range. Any sources would be appreciated. Also does anyone have a diagram for box to hold same. I am pretty handy with wood so probably build if I have a diagram. Thanks!
  8. selvinman

    C. H. Johnston Great Western Gun Works

    I picked up litterly in pieces a .345 (by slugging) percussion rifle with the barrel marked on right side from left to right "C.H. Johnston Great Western Gun Works, Pittsburg, PA and the lock lightly engraved with 2 turkeys Jas Glocher warrented. It has a 30 inch octogon barrel with deep square...