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    Commercial Source for .40 cal. R.E.A.L. bullets

    If you are seeking a source of CAST, .40 cal. R.E.A.L. bullets to shoot in your Slow Twist, .40 cal. rifles, there is one. Bullet: Hollow based, .40 caliber, 2 wide grease grooves, rounded OGIVE, flat nose, weighing 132.8 grains, and .6" long. Source: Vance Manufacturing( Tony Vance), 152...
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    Laps for ball molds

    A friend has a two-ball mold for one of his guns, and is getting slightly different weights of balls from the two different cavities. They are within 1 grain of each other, but different enough that it drives him nuts as a target shooter. He wants to LAP the smaller of the two cavities to bring...
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    Comparision of black powders

    Here's an interesting comparison of Goex, KIK, and Elephant powders. Its a fairly limited test, with only a few guns, and a few shots each to establish some figures, but all the guns were tested identically. Screening the powders to rid them of "fines", and making the granules a more uniform...
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    Sealing the stock mortises

    10 years ago, I acquired a Swedish Mauser made in 1900, and finally sold here as war surplus. When I began to take the stock off, I found that the barrel mortise, both under the barrel the length of the forestock, and under the wooden handguard, was coated with a grease that resembles " Water...
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    Baker and Ferguson rifles

    Gentlemen: I have a friend who has expressed interest in owning owning the Baker Rifle, and the Ferguson Rifle. Obviously, the original are not available, but I recall someone was making replicas of these guns a few years back. I just can't remember WHO! :idunno: Can someone remind me where or...
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    Cochran Locks?

    I have heard a " rumor " from a good source that someone has bought up the tools and equipment, and possibly any remaining stock and is going to make the Cochran locks again. They are suppose to be located in Oklaoma. Any one here have any better information? I have two Cockran flint locks, and...
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    Lubing bullets

    A friend told me that if you take a square toothpick, and scrape out some of the lube you put in the grooves of bullets- say on 3 sides of each groove in a bullet, you leave room for the grease to expand in the groove, rather than put hydraulic pressure on the rings of lead on either side of...
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    Some suggestions from Montana Fish and Wildlife to avoid bears. I thought it was appropriate, if a bit humorous! Received from Michael Holder via Doug Davis] Montana Golfing Rules Just Released: The Montana State Department of Fish and Wildlife is advising golfers to take extra precautions...
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    lapping compounds

    What do you use for lapping compounds? A friend says you can't beat Ultra Bright toothpaste for this kind of work.
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    Case hardening care

    Does anyone know how to care for a color case hardened lock so that the colors don't fade over time?
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    cochran lock

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement mainspring for a Cochran Lock- LH Percussion. The one I have had a stress fracture that finally gave way- its very visible? Thanks in advance. Paul
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    measuring Rate of Twist

    I Had an experience with my brother that made me think to share with others, how to measure your Rate of Twist in a barrel, when you are not sure. My brother took delivery on a new .45, and the gunmaker could not remember what the rate of twist it had. When he got the gun home, my brother...
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    Moving As Slow As A Tree

    In the newest issue of Muzzle Blasts, ( October, 2006, page 51), I have an article titled," Moving As Slow As a Tree ", in which I explain what this old phrase means, and how to do it. Since firearm deer seasons are still a few weeks off, but many of our members are already out in the woods...
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    Mule ear actions

    Is anyone making a mule ear action these days? I always thought it would be the right choice if you wanted an action that would allow fitting a traditional rear mounted scope sight on a gun for old eyes. I also like the underhammers, but they seem to be almost gone, too.
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    Knife sheath

    Does anyone know a knife sheath maker who puts the seam on the side of the blade, and not along the edge? Many years ago, I visited a gunshop in Brookfield, Illinois, where they displayed some custom made knives, with horn handles, that had a sheath with the seam along the side of the blade...
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    Slow Twist .36 barrel

    Gentlemen: Does anyone make or sell a .36 cal. barrel with a 1:66 or 1:72 inch twist? I have always wanted a round ball rifle in this caliber, but wanted a slower twist than the 1"48 offered by Green Mountain. How about a swamped barrel? Paul