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  1. ToothPick

    FOR SALE Lyman .54 cal great plains rifle

    great condition. Bore is clean. Round ball barrel. browned barrel. Overall excellent condition. lots of pictures so there should be no surprises I will pay shipping to lower 48 states I would like $480 Pay Pal Friends and Family Or USPS postal money order please thanks
  2. ToothPick

    SOLD Pietta 1860 army

    I have never fired pistol. Not sure if Previous owner did but it does appear that the gun has been disassembled in past as there are a couple light marks in the bluing and around barrel wedge all visible in pictures below. Cylinder and barrel are clean and rust free. Overall it is very nice...
  3. ToothPick

    SOLD Pietta 1858 Remington .44

    I don't think it has ever been shot, Steel frame. Any photos that appear to show any bluing wear issues is just the light reflecting off the oil film. Bluing along with the rest of the gun is in excellent condition. $230 Pay Pal friends and family or USPS Money order I will pay shipping...
  4. ToothPick

    SOLD Navy Arms Pietta 12ga sxs shotgun

    Looks like all the buyers received the first round of guns I sold so I'll start the second round of the collection thinning. I have never fired this one. Looks very clean inside and out. Lots of photos to show condition. Shows a few handling marks. Slight finish blemish near butt plate as shown...
  5. ToothPick

    SOLD .31 cal colt 5 shot revolver 6" barrel Italian kit gun

    Don't really know much about this one. Action locks up good. Never fired. I personally haven't come across another one. Was a kit. Grips still need final sanding and a finish applied. Made in Italy. Maker unknown. 6" barrel, 5 shot .31cal cylinder $195 Pay Pal F&F or USPS Money Order I...
  6. ToothPick

    SOLD ASM 1851 Navy revolver

    Continuing with the safe clean out.........Great condition, ARMI SAN MARCO, brass frame, .44 cal. Looks very clean. I have never fired it. No rust. $155 and I will ship priority mail insured to the lower 48 Pay Pal F&F or USPS Money Order thanks for looking
  7. ToothPick

    SOLD CVA HAWKEN .50 Cal Pistol

    Here's another one from the collection that I never fired and I also believe the previous owner never fired it either. CVA Hawken pistol in .50 cal. Excellent condition with only very minor storage wear. Very neat wood. $235 and I will pay shipping via priority mail to lower 48 states...
  8. ToothPick

    SOLD PEDERSOLI .45 Kentucky Pistol W/ Box & Extras

    Continuing with thinning out the collection..... Here is a real nice PEDERSOLI .45 Kentucky Pistol that I bought used and never fired. Includes box and factory extra screws Appears to have seen very little use and is in great condition. $290 and I will ship priority mail in lower 48 USPS...
  9. ToothPick

    SOLD Navy Arms .58 Hawken Hunter

    I am going to be thinning the herd. I have a few guns that will be going up for sale, one at a time. This is a very early example. Low 3 digit serial number. I picked it up a a gun show a while ago because I thought it was kind of unique, as I never saw one before. I never fired it and it has...
  10. ToothPick

    Lock ID/age help

    Sorry for the lack of info. It's on a Kentucky type rifle that I think is a older home built/kit, but haven't seen it in person yet. Thanks
  11. ToothPick

    Navy Arms .58 Hawken Hunter?

    I was at a gun show and saw this guy on a table a what I thought was a good price and it came home with me. Never saw one before and that short heavy barrel and huge bore really caught my attention. Spent some time reading up on what it is and it looks like a Hawken Hunter to me. When...
  12. ToothPick

    Colt 1860 Army 1st gen questions

    A buddy of mine sold me a 1863 vintage Colt 1860 army that has a couple modern replacement parts, but otherwise numbers matching. He wanted to buy a modern 9mm and I figured that even tho it wasn't complete, it was my best chance to own a original (mostly lol). The loading lever/latch, wedge...
  13. ToothPick

    What muzzleloader could this barrel be used for?

    I just picked this up cheap at a estate sale and was wondering what type of gun this barrel would be correct for and if anyone can tell the maker? Trade gun? 32" Overall length....12" hex 20" round .62 cal smooth
  14. ToothPick

    Armsport Hawkens 20 ga / 50 ca combo info?

    Just picked this up at a local gun show. Cant recall seeing a smooth bore Hawken combo at any shows before. .50 cal and 20 gauge combo, set triggers, nice wood. 1979 proof date. Appears unfired, just bit of finish worn at muzzle from case wear. I searched this forum and did some googling but...
  15. ToothPick

    Whats your opinion on this one?

    I was browsing a local gun shop and ran across this 20ga? flintlock smooth bore. It was in nice condition with no noticeable cracks etc. Lock worked as should. The ram rod is wood. The clerk new absolutely nothing about it except that they just put it out. I was wondering if anybody here has...
  16. ToothPick

    Colt 1849 pocket Italian Repro help

    Made what I think was a great buy at a gunshow today. $90..timing looks spot on. Looks to me that it was a kit gun that someone didn't finish. The only thing stamped on it besides proofs is MADE IN ITALY ans CAL 31 BLACK POWDER ONLY on the sides of the barrel. Nothing on the bottom flat of...
  17. ToothPick

    New to me Navy Arms 12ga

    Just bought this tonight and I think I got it at great price.... $250. Some very minor dings in the nice wood and the metal looks 99%+ as far as rust goes. It's a Pietta build and hasn't been shoot much, if at all. Never shot a BP shotgun before so this will be a new/fun experience.
  18. ToothPick

    CVA ASM 1851 .36 $75 Gun show buy

    Most shows around here never have any traditional black powder guns and when they do they are overpriced brass framed pistols, so I was pretty happy to find something to bring home. A CVA ASM Steel Framed 1851 Navy. It is missing the nipples, front sight and Loading Lever Retainer. I already...
  19. ToothPick

    Quick and EZ pistol display

    I had a old speaker cabinet laying around (no speakers in it) and thought I would try to purpose it. I broke it down and got two nice looking side oak panels out of it. Drilled a few holes and stained and glued in some dowels and ended up with this to hang in my basement man cave. I might put...
  20. ToothPick

    Bees Wax uses and recipes

    I recently acquired several pounds of bees wax from a co worker. I could use some recipes for lubes and ideas for other uses. Thanks