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    Navy Arms mule ear lock parts

    I have a pair of Navy Arms mule ear .45 rifles that I am reworking for my scouts to use (they were well used and abused by a scout camp for many years). Does anyone out there know if Navy Arms sold off old lock parts to any specific distributor (Numrich, Sarco, etc)? Or am I SOL and have to...
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    First knife...modern methods..

    I made this patch knife for my Pops (aka Rabbitears) for his birthday/ Christmas. I have a friend with a knife-sanding-belt-machine, and the blade was shaped from D2 tool steel, with the guard welded on. After it was heat treated at a commercial outfit, I spent about three hours total...
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    Another medieval cannon..

    About 5 years ago, my friend George Silva built this half-scale medieval cannon. The carriage is oak except for the wheels and the slab that the barrel bolted to (pine). Unfortunately, George had to store it on his patio in the weather and the slab developed both dry rot and those mushrooms...
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    Finished the Hakenbuchse

    I finished my .75 caliber hakenbuchse. The length of the barrel is 8.5" and the overrall length is 45". The stock is oak. The "haken" extends 7" below the stock, and is forged and hardened. The barrel was turned from a piece of cold-rolled stock and has a .50 cal. chamber in the rear...
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    Thanksgiving traditions

    Lets talk about them Thanksgiving traditions. For me, the meal starts with bean soup with smoked pork, and I'll BBQ a 25 lb bird. Gonna make the sweet 'taters western style, in a dutch oven, with a touch of brown sugar, red pepper flakes, tequila and lime. Oh yes...Momma is taking a load of...
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    Bigfoot Moc questions?

    I wear a size 15 to 16 shoe, depending on the fit. Believe it or not, I was able to find reasonably priced civil war boots, but have not seen any mocs in big sizes. I have thought about making some, but do not know about where to find patterns, etc. My fear of just "sizing up" a smaller...
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    Tiller material for handgonne

    I have a question about the type of wood for a tiller...for a recent handgonne project, I bought a length of maple from a lumber yard that was made for a stair hand rail...an 11 foot piece (2 tillers worth) cost almost $40. I was hesitant to use a pine hanger bar from a closet, as the wood...
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    Arkebuse Project: Part V

    I'm back..it's been a busy Fall, and I'm just starting back on this project. Here's an image of the original: And here are links to the previous posts, so that you don't have to go searching: Part I: Link Part II: Link Part III: Link Part IV: Link These close-ups of the original...
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    Cooking Measurements and Substitutes

    Sometimes, it's hard to figure out measures or portions. :hmm: Here's a handy chart I use with the scouts: MEASUREMENT CONVERSIONS 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons 2 tablespoons = 1 ounce ¼ cup = 4 tablespoons 1/3 cup = 5 1/3 tablespoons ½ cup = 8 tablespoons 1 cup...
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    Arkebuse Project: Part IV

    Ok, the glue dried, and I broke out the files and rasps tonight (Thursday). Just plain elbow grease and sand paper: Here's close-ups of the muzzle end: Notice where the wood has been "patched" (right hand side of the photo below):redface: Here is an overall view of the stock...
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    Arkebuse project: Part III

    I have been busy the past few weekends (primarily scouting), but I finally started back on the project today. I took a series of rasps to the stock to begin rough shaping the butt stock. Next, I clamped to the bench and went at it with a file in order to thin the stock down (width)...
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    Arkebuse project: Part II

    Next, it was time to route the ramrod channel. Notice how the ramrod is visable on the original. The channel was routed by using a 1/4 bit..MULTIPLE PASSES, deeper each time..until I reached the desired depth. Then I used a 3/8 dia. router bit with a rounded end to make the hole for...
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    Snapping Matchlocks by George

    I have had the honor of getting to know George Silva, a retired movie studio carpenter who builds matchlocks for himself (none are for sale). Remarkably, George makes all of his guns from primarilly scrounged materials, and he often glues numerous small pieces of hardwood together to make a...
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    Pirate terminology

    Ok...I know nothing about buccaneers and such except what TV and movies tell ya. You always hear Pirates, etc, use phrases like "avast ye matey's", "shiver me timber," "aaaarrrrggggh," references to Davy Jones' locker, or ordering some poor slob to swap the poop deck or walk the plank. :grin...
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    Arkebuse project and challenge!

    Remember this arkebuse? Here is a link to the original link on this site: Link Well, me and my pops (aka rabbitears) are gonna build a pair..and we're gonna document the steps the best we can. I also would like to see others follow along and try their hand at this project. No...
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    San Francisco Bay Area SOOT update

    The Students of Old-tyme Technology (SOOT) will have its next gathering at Ardenwood Forge (Ardenwood Historic Farm) in Fremont on Thursday, March 23rd...doors open at 6:00 pm, and the presentation will start at 7:00 pm. The forge will be operating, and we will also have a presentation on...
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    New Gonne Project

    So...I show Claypipes videos (can't remember or find the original post - help!!) to my buddy, who is a armorer for a local PD. He shoots cannons, but never has been into BP rifle or pistol... HOWEVER, when he gets a look at the vids, he gets all worked up :hmm: . Here's a look at the finished...
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    Matchlock/ Gonne support

    Just wanted to show a photo of the support I had made by a local 'smith. He forged it from one piece of metal, with no welds. Anyone else have a gonne or musket rest to share...lets see those pics!! :v
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    Photo in uniform

    I had this ferrotype taken by Wm. Dunniway with an original CW era camera: Here's a shot of the photo being taken...due to the heat, the chemicals were not reacting correctly..it took three attempts over a 30 minute period! Here's a link to the photographer, who provides a primer about...
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    Posting videos..how to?/

    I assume that in order to post videos, you have to have them put them on a photo-bucket type of site that and then put a link in the body of the message...can anyone tell me how to do this?? :redface: