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    A Rum Horn

    Beautiful work! :bow: How did you affix the plug/spout in the side? What is the capacity?
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    My cannon

    :thumbsup: Excellent work! Can't wait to see the carriage!
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    Volks Buchsen 37mm Cannon

    Can't help ya without a photo or description...
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    Elephant vs Goex

    Roundball...the cans I just bought are lot 33/1997 087 and 42/1997 216...is the 1997 the lot year?....this is powder he just received, in shiny cans and new boxes. My powder source is in Hollister, CA. He is an explosives supplier for construction, law enforcement, but also does BP and fuse...
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    every day life during the Civil War

    Thanks for postin!
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    Elephant vs Goex

    I just bought Elephant from a local dealer in NorCal (Hollister, CA)..it is still made. I use it mainly in cannons, handgonnes, and in my matchlocks. It has always ignited good, but is a dirty powder, and as previous;ly stated, if you swab your bore, it is OK.
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    Navy Arms mule ear lock parts

    I have a pair of Navy Arms mule ear .45 rifles that I am reworking for my scouts to use (they were well used and abused by a scout camp for many years). Does anyone out there know if Navy Arms sold off old lock parts to any specific distributor (Numrich, Sarco, etc)? Or am I SOL and have to...
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    Finished up another gonne

    Excellent work! My next one will have a match-lever thingy like yours. I can't wait to see the action pics.
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    I have a .75 caliber barrel with the three entwined circle proof marks (japanese mrks). It is on a "CVA" Napoleon, made in the '70s. I have seen barrels in .75, .70, and .58. Here is a pic of my gun:
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    iron cookware

    The competition dutch oven guys will tell you that crisco is the way to go...cooking oil can become sticky and "varnishy" and impart a stale taste, and animal fat/lard can turn rancid FAST if put on too thick or not seasoned correctly. When storing cast iron with a lid, you should fold a...
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    16 century powder flask

    The spout is just a cartridge that has the base cut off, and another slightly larger one serves as a cap. There was a piece of bathtub chain soldered into the primer hole to act as a keeper, but it broke. I will drill the one on there now out and use a piece of string for a keeper. The...
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    16 century powder flask

    By buddy made these from scrap wood sandwiched together...the center sections were hollowed out w/ a jig saw. Note the "authentic" recycled brass cartridges as spouts. Total cost: $0
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    Side Lock questions

    Thanks for this post! I bought a pair of Navy Arms .45 mule ears that were WELL USED by a scout program, The wood is ok, but the blued finish was poor and there were deep pits in the metal (FYI: the guns at scout camps are generally used way more in a season than the average person uses in a...
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    New goon freak

    beautiful work :thumbsup: ...what are the caliber(s) and charges you are using?
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    My First Gonne

    Excellent...betcha can't make just one!!
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    Burned wooden ramrod?

    I've done it with regular ol' masking tape...just wrap it like a barber pole, hit the untaped areas with the torch, and peel off the tape (use steel wool carefully where the tape is scorched and gummy). True oil it up...
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    The "Myth" of Cylinder Swapping?

    I surmise that it may have been a possibility that some individuals carried an extra cylinder. But if it was done on a large scale, where are they now? Wouldn't they show up at gun shows, relic stores, etc, just as the original revolvers do? And wouldn't you see more original Colt's and...
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    My Hakenbuckse

    It's a real beauty...lookin' good! :thumbsup:
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    :shocked2: whhhaaaattt the ???? RC: I can only imagine the sick feeling in your gut when you first received this "handiwork." Remember back in the '70's when guys would receive a CVA kentucky rifle (the 2 piece stock) on December 25th and be on the range by the 27th..kinda reminds me of one...
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    My 1/4 scale field gun

    Welcome, Cliff. Your handiwork is impressive, and you'll find yourself amongst kindred spirits here. :v