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    Light hammer strikes

    'morning, I forget if paper cartridge Sharps are permitted in the discussion, if not, mods please feel free to delete. Curious if you have any suggestions, before I contact Lodgewood. I have a Pedersoli with an original lock plate on it. The internals are all Pedersoli. It started giving...
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    Stolen Wampum Belt - Southwest PA

    This was posted by a friend, just spreading the word. Note that it is a reproduction, not an original. So while I was working at the 18th-Century exhibit at Meadowcroft today, I was out of the cabin teaching tomahawk throwing. A visitor went into the cabin and stole the belt of wampum we use for...
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    LeMat "hand and spring" help needed

    A question for the LeMat gurus. I did something that I knew I shouldn’t have done, and pulled the sideplate off mine, just out of curiosity, since I’d not done it before. Is the “hand and spring” (as it is listed on the parts list) one piece or two? Mine is two and I can’t see a way to...
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    Colt serial number chart ?

    'morning all, I know that there's a chart showing the 2nd generation Colt serial numbers and year of manufacture. Somewhere. My search skills are not all that wonderful and I'm drawing a blank. Can anyone point me towards it? Looking specifically for the 1860 Army. Thanks, Mike
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    Polish Cappers

    Polish Cappers (https://www.polishcappers.com/) has a separate thread, but since this is a product review... When I got mine, worked out to about $43 each, but obviously depends on the exchange rates. They arrived yesterday, beautiful fit and finish. I had to clearance them a little to work...
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    Colt 2nd and 3rd Generation

    Howdy folks, Related to Bravo 4-4's thread, but not wanting to hijack his. Back in 2013, I picked up a pair of Colt's. The ad read: "A nice pair of Uberti made, repro Colt 1862 Pocket Police models, .36 caliber 5 shot fluted cylinders. One is possibly one of the early ones made for Colt, no...
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    Pietta Colt Repro - what is it actually?

    Good evening, For some odd reason today, I decided to see what I actually have in C&B pistols. Admittedly, I'm horrible with pistol model years and Army vs Navy. One of them is this, in .44: www.dixiegunworks.com/product_info.php?cPath=701_709_712&products_id=875 Can anyone tell if what the...
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    Track of the Wolf

    I know that TotW is one of the suppliers that many folk on the forum recommend. I recently needed some cleaning equipment that I couldn't get locally, and visited their site and ordered from them for the first time. It arrived today. Even with a holiday weekend in there, the...
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    Priming question

    'evening, I know that a good many of you promote priming with the same granulation as your main charge. I'm going to give that a try, but have a procedural question. How do you do it? Do you prime directly from the horn, do you put a small amount in your main charge measure and dump from...
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    Need help identifying a heavy barrel target rifle

    'afternoon, I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me identify the maker. I know it's a long shot... I purchased the rifle off Auction Arms about a year ago. It needed more TLC than the ad indicated, but the price was right. It mics at about .56, and the fittings are German silver. It has...
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    Howdy from SW PA

    'afternoon all, Lurked for a while, finally decided to join. Mainly shoot ACW style cap locks, but enjoy taking the flinters out too. Calum