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  1. bigmac

    SW Minnesota NW Iowa SE South Dakota

    Any folks around the tri state area? I am in NW Iowa now and am hoping to find a club or some like minded fellers to learn from. Thanks!
  2. bigmac

    Any ideas ??CA??? BROS knife

    Picked up an old knife I believe is a well used skinner with a great brownish patina. Maker mark is well worn with what appears to be a CA...Bros. Five brass pins in the handles. Any ideas of what or when this knife is?
  3. bigmac

    2019 muzzle loader deer.

    Harvested this fine buck with my Remington 1858.
  4. bigmac

    First ML buck!

    This was my first muzzleloader season. I invited my father inlaw to tag along and in the first fifteen minutes of the season he bags a small 9 point buck. The next morning at the same time I passed another small 8 point almost identical to his. I hunted all week seeing a few does and the same...
  5. bigmac

    Brass tacking sheath

    I am attempting my first knife sheath using the crazy crow Parfleche Knife Sheath pattern. when tacking is there a proper side to have the tack heads on? Example A [/URL][/img] or Example B [/URL][/img] Thanks for your input!
  6. bigmac

    which Nebraska hunt to choose?

    I was unsuccessful during the Colorado ML season so I am debating crossing into South West Nebraska with a seasons choice tag. This will allow me to hunt archery, ml, or modern rifle seasons. The unit I am looking at will allow TWO white tail does. There is another S/C tag available only for the...
  7. bigmac

    shockey's gold?

    Is this stuff junk? I bought some when I first got my t/c hawken about a year ago. I sighted in this gun with it and found a decent load. However, when its time to shoot I would have to adjust my sights for each range session. I sighted it in a few days ago getting 3in group at 75yrds. Friday...
  8. bigmac

    powder shelf life?

    I just got two cans of old goex bp one ffg and one fffg. My friends uncle passed away and lef him all his reloading equipment and this powder.He gave me the bp. Does bp go bad?
  9. bigmac

    pretty wood

    i was just admiring the wood stock on my T/C Hawken and thought i would share.
  10. bigmac

    I received a free Hawken

    well went to dinner at a friends house and afterwords he went into a back room and came out with this. he got it for his dad years ago and he only shot it six times, cleaned it, back in the box, and it been in the closet ever since. His dad knew i like bp and said to give it to me! Don't know...
  11. bigmac

    brule ne gun show

    Didn't know if any one from colorado/nebraska/wyoming will be coming to the gun show this weekend in Brule Nebraska. Usually a pretty good show. Sept. 10-11
  12. bigmac

    knife potential

    I was going through a box my father-in-law gave me and found these two knives. I like the larger one but am unsure of the smaller. What do you think?
  13. bigmac

    Antler pick and starter

    I had a piece of antler that was all chewed up by mice, so i made a nipple pick and a short ball starter.
  14. bigmac


    I needed something to contain me balls so I whipped this up. I don't know how pc it is but it works fer me. Used a small shed antler crown for a stopper.
  15. bigmac

    butcher knife

    I scored an old butcher knife at a second hand store for a couple bucks. At first i thought it was an OldHickory but there are no markings other than the "forge" marks, and those don't really look the old hickry ones i've seen. Any ideas on the make? Thanks
  16. bigmac


    hi there, i have always been interested in the way of the mountain man ever since i was a kid. I recently recived a .50cal Hawken as a bonus from my boss now i am hopelessly addicted.