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  1. jackley

    WANTED Hard Case

    Looking for a friend. He's needing a hard case for taking his 60" rifle on the plane. Anybody have one?
  2. jackley

    E-mail change

    Just got a new computer and I have a new e-mail address. Do I have to update anything and if so how?
  3. jackley

    Some of my knives

    Here's a picture of a few of my knives. Top left Mark Starr neck knife. Top left Ken Hamilton mid 18th. century English scalper. Middle hand forged folder, can't remember who made it. The hawk is hand forged and I got it a Friendship many years ago. and again I can't remember who made it. And...
  4. jackley

    Took Patrick for a walk today.

    Patrick is my original English Fowler. Built by Patrick for Duke William, in Approx. 1805. Was a good day hunting got three and the dog pointed many more. The weather has finally broke and has been very mild for the last couple of days. The last two days many miles and no birds. Over the...
  5. jackley

    Finally got out and shot my Harquebus

    Finally got out to shoot it. Have had it for quite some time. 62cal./20ga. 16" bbl. 33" long total. 60 grains 3f .600 ball,.010" patch. Match that I just made. Its not real pretty but seems to shoot pretty well. 25yds 3" bull. Got a 5" 3 shot group offhand just left of center. This is the...
  6. jackley

    Anyone seen one this big?

    This is the biggest adjustable volume powder measure I have ever saw. It starts at 100 grs. before the plunger is moved then goes out another 160 grs. for a total of 260grs. Its 7 1/2 inches long without the funnel and 11 1/2 inched with the plunger fully extended. Same diameter as my 120 gr...
  7. jackley

    Journal and Quill

    Here's a pic of the journal I just finished up. Along with the Quill, pencil, lantern that I made. Enjoy
  8. jackley


    I was reading on another forum about how Daniel Boone had fashioned forks for his family out of river cane. This is my take on it. Enjoy ! Jerry
  9. jackley

    Round three: And a knock out!!

    Got up at 4 AM, drove to my hunting spot. Parked the truck, shut the door ever so quietly and GOOBLE, GOOBLE . I had parked within 40 yards of their roost tree I have never seen them in such a small tree. I snuck up to a small buck brush in front of the truck and waited not making and sound...
  10. jackley

    Round 2

    Haven't been out in the woods hunting again but I just lost another round. Went to the state trap shoot, and the weather there was not good in the three days winds gusts were up to 60 mph, temps in the low thirties. And I shot real bad. Then this mourning I wake up to 2 inches of snow and their...
  11. jackley

    Black powder trap and skeet shoot.

    The Wyoming muzzle loaders state trap and skeet shoot will going on this weekend, on Friday, Saturday and if needed Sunday an the Worland shooting complex in Worland. If your in the area stop by. If you don't have a gun we will furnish one for you to try. Jerry
  12. jackley

    2019 Turkey Hunt Round One

    The 2019 turkey hunt has started out with a bad start. My two original partners had to back out. So I got a another and his son. The two had never turkey hunted before. And with there work schedules we only had three days to hunt. On day one we sat up camp and had lunch as I was moving the...
  13. jackley

    Combination woodstove fire pit

    Been awhile since I posted anything. I thought you might like seeing my fire pit woodstove combo. I built this about 20 years ago. I went to my first rondy in Wy. I got camp all set up and started to dig my firepit, when a guy asked "What are you doing? " I told him digging a pit and thats when...
  14. jackley

    Boiled beef

    Does any one have the recipe for boiled beef. The one where you boil it in vinegar to preserve it. Thanks Jerry
  15. jackley

    Look what come in the mail!!!

    Recieved this hand forged straight razor in the mail yesterday from my son. It is a Rev War style. Someone had sharpened it already. So I put it on the strop and had a go with it this morning. Shaved great! Jerry
  16. jackley

    SOLD Dyer Moccasins

    Used Dyer mocs. I bought them new they were to small then and there to small now. Wore for 2 years of rondy's. They have a ton of miles left in them. They're either 10's or 10 1/2's can't remember. $90 shipping on you. Thanks for looking Jerry
  17. jackley

    Tent Canvas

    This is a great article on tents of the Rev War. https://www.scribd.com/document/287574067/Military-Tent-Article Jerry
  18. jackley

    FOR SALE New hemp finger woven tie on rifle sling

    This is a new hemp finger woven tie on rifle sling. Wove by me from hemp twine. Its 36" long tab to tab with 16" ties. $55.00 shipped
  19. jackley

    SOLD NIB Lyman .625 round ball mold.

    New in box .625 single round ball mold. Takes large handles. $55.00 shipped Thanks for looking Jerry
  20. jackley

    FOR SALE Brass Powder Measure

    These measures are made from brass tubing with copper ends and steel or brass rings soldered in. The smallest will hold 70 grs. and the largest will hold 80 grs. You can cut them down to make them smaller. $15.00 each plus shipping Jerry