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  1. JB67

    New York State Law on Amount of BP Storage

    "Nobody needs 5 lbs of black powder to kill a deer!"
  2. JB67

    Traditions Kentucky finally arrived

    I have 2 Kentucky rifles I built from kits, one percussion, one flint. I find them to be good shooters. Both shoot well with .490 ball and spit-lubed .015 patches. I did a little work on the flint's lock. I removed the wave washer from the frizzen hinge as it was adding too much friction, and...
  3. JB67

    New York State Law on Amount of BP Storage

    Your house is legal, if it is stored as proscribed. I keep mine in my house.
  4. JB67

    Brass tacks and other bling

    Somebody asked for pictures, what he got was a lot of negative opinions. Mine? If you don't like it, just move on. Some people like the look of an old, well-used firearm and wish to replicate it, "repairs" and all. Creating such a piece is an art, just as much as building the gun itself, and I...
  5. JB67

    Prime with 3 or 4F

    I have a Traditions Kentucky Rifle kit flintlock. I had lots of 2F before for another gun, so that's what I'm using for both main and prime. Goes off reliably.
  6. JB67

    Connecticut Black Powder Shooters

    High Woods Sportsmen Club has shoots on Sept 27, Oct 18, and Dec 6. The last one is free with a donation of a new toy worth $10 or more. Wittenberg Sportsmens Club has shoots on Oct 11 and Dec 24. High Woods is a trail walk, Wittenberg is along an access road and a bit easier of a walk. Both...
  7. JB67

    Connecticut Black Powder Shooters

    There's a few clubs just outside of Kingston, NY, that host woods walks. I'll send details if you're interested.
  8. JB67

    Sodium Chloride in a Shotgun

    Well, I saw Sheriff Micah shoot rock salt in one episode of the Rifleman, so it's gotta be legit...
  9. JB67


    I see you just joined. Inlines are among the things not discussed on these forums. The complete list of rules is here: Forum rules. Some find them draconian, others find they help maintain focus and a degree of harmony.
  10. JB67

    Does it matter where the powder is ignited?

    Rear is thought more efficient. Thats one reason why the patent preech was designed.
  11. JB67

    Volume vs weigt

    Black powder is always measued by volume. Substitutes such as Pyrodex are designed to give similar results for the same volume, even though they will have slightly different weights for any given volume. Metallic cartridges are outside of the scope of these forums, but I'll go so far as to say...
  12. JB67

    Muzzle blast silencers

    I thought that was the blackfly. 😉
  13. JB67

    How much powder

    Disagree about shooting roundball? Or shooting roundball with 80-90 grains of powder, because that's what he was referring to, not maxiballs with that charge.
  14. JB67

    New member with percussion cap question....

    He didn't say which virus.
  15. JB67

    Getting frustrated, new typing issue

    I updated mine, seems to be better. To update, go to Play Store, select the menu pulldown in the upper left corner, them My Apps, then Chrome. It will give you the option to upgrade.
  16. JB67

    Safely Storing Black Powder

    Only because you haven't *had* a problem.
  17. JB67

    Safely Storing Black Powder

    It's actually a good place. If I can't get to it or can't get past it, my path is already blocked and I have bigger issues. If firemen are needing to enter, they need to know where they can find it. It would be one of the first places wetted down in attacking the fire from outside.
  18. JB67

    Safely Storing Black Powder

    NY requires it in original containers or powder horns, in a wood box, walls nominally 1/2" thick, painted red, labeled "low-ex" in white or yellow letters 4" high, kept on 1st floor or in basement within 10 feet of an exterior entry. Maximum of 5 lbs, box is not to contain other combustibles (ie...
  19. JB67

    Patch Lube and Seasoning

    Actually, to properly season cast iron, it *should* smoke. That's the oil being converted to a layer of carbon.
  20. JB67

    How was this done?

    Yes, silver. I hadn't considered that, but the tone of the inlay looks right.