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  1. JB67

    Ugly priming horn from Two Feathers

    Two Feathers is a popular seller here, and there's a reason for that: quality goods, fast shipping, and a personal touch one won't get from Amazon. I got an "ugly" little priming horn (as he called it,) but I find it quite charming! Looks even nicer in person. He even threw in a hand forged...
  2. JB67

    Design and development of Longrifles

    I stumbled across this fantastic blog about the design and development of what came to be known as the American Longrifle. Lots of gorgeous examples. Early American Flintlock Longrifles: Part II of our American Longrifle Series - Scavengeology
  3. JB67

    SOLD Dublin Castle Brown Bess with extras

    I am offering up this reproduction Brown Bess for sale, with the accessories shown. I will let the pictures describe it. I have put a dozen rounds through it myself, but need to sell it to help pay for some serious dental work. :ghostly: I am including the sling, flash cup, cartridge box...
  4. JB67

    ISO Stony/Stoney of Florida

    The following message was posted on a FB group. If anyone can help her, let me know and I'll pass the info on to her. From Mardi Noetling *** I'm hoping maybe the third time will be the charm... I'm trying to locate a black powder shooter in Florida who goes by the name of Stony/Stoney, and...
  5. JB67

    My "new" rifleman's knife

    During the American Revolution, especially early on, militiamen were expected to carry a tomahawk or large knife if they did not have a bayonet. Here is a knife I made in the style of the ubiquitous trade knife, which should serve the purpose quite well. (From what I could find, crossguards on...
  6. JB67

    Authenticity of 24" barrel on Half stock

    I have a CVA Frontier. It is a half stock, .50cal , with a 24" barrel. As far as I can tell, the shortest half stock barrels ever got was 28" and generally not until the 1850s. Is there any evidence of 24" barrels "back in the day?" This gun was my entry into muzzleloaders, and I don't have a...
  7. JB67

    SOLD Rifleman's/Hunting Frock from Townsends XXXL Nutmeg

    I bought this last year and have only worn it a couple of times, and only a few hours each time. It's just a wee bit too small for me, so I'm selling this one and have ordered a larger one. It is heavy cotton, nutmeg, size XXXL. As you can see in the photo of me wearing it, I have a bit of a...
  8. JB67

    How did militiamen carry their shooting tools?

    I'm looking for period-correct methods of carrying one's shooting tools, namely the vent oick, pan btush, powder measure, and maybe knapping hammer. I see some shooters keep them on a neck chain, but is that correct fot Rev War and/or War of 1812?
  9. JB67

    New England Rifle from a Traditions kit

    Having built a Kentucky Rifle kit in percussion, I decided to build a flinter. I emulared (not copied) the style common to rifles from Massachusetts gunsmiths in the early 1800s. Key details are faceted ramrod pipes, facets and reeding on the buttplate return, the lock bolt washers, a hidden...
  10. JB67

    Questions about a Civil War Springfield Rifle shortened to look like a M1842

    I now own a Springfield contract rifle that was cut down at some point and fitted with a M1842 style endcap. The lock is marked Providence Tool Co, 1864. The stock is one piece and uniformly aged, so I believe the modification was done long ago, possibly during the war. The middle barrel band...
  11. JB67

    Questions about Zoli Zouave & accuracy issues with minie ball

    I may have a chance at a 1970 A. Zoli copy of the Remington Zouave. The seller says it's not very accurate with minies, but decent with PRB. I've been reading up, and asked a few questions. A bad nipple can cause blowback and affect accuracy, but it has a new nipple. He says he tried using...
  12. JB67

    Flintlock Cheek piece questions

    Looking for info on cheek pieces for longrifles. I'm not looking to follow any specific school or pattern, but I want things to look right. I'm not concerned about mixing styles between things like the cheek rest and buutplate or comb, this is something just for fun. The biggest question is...
  13. JB67

    Started the New Year with a bang...and a headache.

    Took my Brown Bess out for the first time. I had made up some paper cartridges, turns out between the ball and the paper, they were a bit tight in the barrel. First one was snug going in, but was able to push the ball down. Second loading seemed ok. The third ball got stuck about 15" in, and I...
  14. JB67

    Q: Militiaman Loading a Brown Bess with loose ball

    When paper cartridges were not at hand, how was the loose ball loaded? Pre-patched with a cloth patch tied on? Separate cloth patch? A piece of paper wrapped around the ball, with a bunch pre-wrapped in the pouch? A separate piece of paper placed over the muzzle, then place the ball and ram...
  15. JB67

    My new Rev War powder horn: Fishkill Supply Depot

    I made a new powder horn to go with my Brown Bess flintlock. (The Brown Bess was the standard issue musket for British troops and also widely used by Continental forces during the Revolutionary War. ) It is a tribute to a bit of local history, detailed below and in the captions. All the shaping...
  16. JB67

    New gun? New bag, of course!

    I have a new gun in a different caliber, so of course I need another shooting bag. Measures 9"w x 8"h with a 1" gusset and an intetnal pocket. Should serve my Brown Bess well. Now on to as flint/tool wallet.
  17. JB67

    Province Fort, Westbrook, Maine

    Unfortunately, the remains are soon to be obliterated by a highway project, if they haven't been already. Here's a short local news video about the fort and the rush to beat the clock. The story in print can be found here...
  18. JB67

    New (to me) Brown Bess: deeper into the abyss

    So my forray into shooting began with a Henry .22lr lever, then a few Winchester levers, then a detour into military surplus bolts before discovering the world of muzzleloaders. I started with a used CVA Frontier, then built my Kentucky Rifle kit. Well, I've gone off in the deep end and got a...
  19. JB67

    What era/style bag is this?

    I got this as a blanket prize at a shoot. I seem to recall seeing this style before, but can't pin it down. The bag measures about 8x10 and is felt lined with linen, as are the straps. So what era does it represent? F&I? AWI? Something imagineered?
  20. JB67

    My Modified Build of a Traditions Kentucky Rifle kit

    I finally finished my Traditions kit. I made some major modifications to it, wanting something unique that wouldn't look kit-built. I'll start with the finished product, my own comments will have more details. I bought this kit back on June 13 and have spent many hours on it. All the inlays are...