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  1. The Miner '49er

    The Rifle Shoppe interview and tour

    There's a lot of discussion on this forum about the lengthy order to ship time that some, perhaps many, of their customers experience. A couple days ago, on the 11 Bang Bang channel, I came across "the rifle shoppe tour and interview with Jesse Melot." After watching it I was amazed by several...
  2. The Miner '49er

    Handgonne accuracy - getting there

    Tim, I hope you have a big backyard with a good backstop. While it's a ton of fun, personally I wouldn't call it a toy. Well, a big boy's toy!
  3. The Miner '49er

    Handgonne accuracy - getting there

    While I'm enjoying shooting my handgonne in its 14th century iteration, today I did give in to the competitor in me to see if I could wring some more accuracy from it. Of course, my first thought was to add a front sight, and a small but powerful magnet that I have did the job nicely. After...
  4. The Miner '49er

    Halberd/handgonne combo?

    I wonder if there were ever any attempts to mount a halberd blade onto the gonne barrel. I've not come across any pictures or even mention of one. It would add to the weight but that wouldn't matter if a forked rest was used.
  5. The Miner '49er

    Whats some things you wish you knew about/had early on when you started shooting these?

    I'm glad you don't need this advice, but every experienced BP shooter starts out as a know nothing newbie. Growing up, the legendary Lyman company was one of THE most trusted sources for all things that go bang, so I did take their booklet as gospel. I bet a lot of other people who read it did...
  6. The Miner '49er

    Goex lid with built in funnel--for NEW plastic cans

    I like Semisane's spout creations. Good job. I want to mention that some plastics might present a static electricity hazard. Things like you find at the dollar store for condiments. I have heard that powder container plastics are a special type plastic made to reduce this hazard. I don't know...
  7. The Miner '49er

    Whats some things you wish you knew about/had early on when you started shooting these?

    On page 8 of the Lyman User's Guide that came with my cap lock GPR, under Safety Notes, it states "Caplocks: After firing leave the hammer down over the exploded cap as you reload." THIS IS WRONG, IT IS UNSAFE! An experienced shooter, known as Ohio Joe, who recently passed, told me in no...
  8. The Miner '49er

    Here's some mischief

    Ha, ha, I KNEW you would say that! How about we meet half way, maybe somewhere near Memphis, for a good old (14th century style) shootin' match? Just kidding, but wouldn't it be a hoot to have about five or six guys on a firing line all touching off those gonnes at the same time?! What was the...
  9. The Miner '49er

    Here's some mischief

    "An armful of fun," you ought to be a copy writer for handgonne manufacturers! That says it all in words, but the lead mushroom does the same visually. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately it's raining here and predicted for next two days, so no fun to be had with my big boomer.
  10. The Miner '49er

    Here's some mischief

    Fuse first. If last, it is sometimes hard to insert it if you've packed all the rest too tightly. I can't answer question #2. Nice looking outfit; well done.
  11. The Miner '49er

    Walmart caps

    I checked yesterday and the six packs I didn't buy three days before are gone. I'll keep watching to see if my local Wally World restocks them, but it's doubtful.
  12. The Miner '49er

    Here's some mischief

    Bill, I liked the look of your blued handgonne so much that I did mine today. I used some Van's Instant Gun Blue that I bought at a gun show at least 20 years ago. I followed the directions, put on several coats, and it turned out as they claimed and I hoped. Thanks for the idea.
  13. The Miner '49er

    Here's some mischief

    @BillinOregon, how's the tiller project coming along? Are you gonne have a 4th of July?
  14. The Miner '49er

    July 4 is National Sidewalk Egg Frying Day!

    For me, single digits are really bad temps for shooting. I can't shoot well wearing gloves and my fingers get too cold without them. Single digits, like 6, are really bad scores for shooting. Today the temp was 75 and it was sunny with a slight breeze. My score, however, was in the single...
  15. The Miner '49er

    July 4 is National Sidewalk Egg Frying Day!

    For me, at 100% no reduction, the jpeg prints just under 3", and the pdf a smidgen over 4".
  16. The Miner '49er

    Mineral Oil, Carnuba, and Bees Wax

    Rather than experimenting with some diy formula, if it is soft leather why not use saddle soap to clean it, then neatsfoot oil to soften and preserve it. That works very well for me on many leather items.
  17. The Miner '49er

    Walmart caps

    That's just crazy on their part. How did you learn this? Are or were you a Wally World employee? I wonder if individual stores in the chain can restock or get transfers from a neighboring store.
  18. The Miner '49er

    Walmart caps

    Just in at my local Wally World in SW Ohio and under $6 each! Here's the SKU so you can call your store to see if they have any. She brought out 10 or 12 and I bought 4. Strike while the iron is hot, good luck.
  19. The Miner '49er

    whats your favorite part of muzzleloading, what keeps you hooked?

    The history of it. Seeing how simply made mechanisms such as flint or caplocks can function so well and yield outstanding accuracy never ceases to amaze me. Even shooting my most basic and simple handgonne takes me back in time. Just imagine the sheer astonishment and fear of the people who were...
  20. The Miner '49er


    While noodling around on-line I came across the site myarmoury.com. A contributor from the UK, Julian Reynolds, talks about the beautiful hand carved replica handgonnes and linstocks that he makes. Here's a sample. Check out his outstanding work.