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  1. The Crisco Kid

    An interesting test of gun lubes and protectors

  2. The Crisco Kid

    Pedersoli customer service

  3. The Crisco Kid

    Cleaning patch question

    Sometimes the solution is a smaller jag. The patch, jag, and bore diameter all have to work together to get the right fit. I like a thick patch and smaller jag myself.
  4. The Crisco Kid

    Hawken repair question

    Some good photos would help if you can post them for us.
  5. The Crisco Kid

    TC Hawken

    The main complaint I have with the TC's is the bulky stock. Phil fixed that nicely! All it needs now is some more conventional looking sights!
  6. The Crisco Kid

    can’t decide about swapping stocks

    Could you rub a little charcoal in the carving to stain the grease?
  7. The Crisco Kid

    Re-vamp the site?

    Buy high and sell low. Make up the loses by doing a large volume. That's my theory. I still can't figure out why I ain't rich.
  8. The Crisco Kid

    'Bone Hardening' your ramrod

    Plus it gives a person something to do when there is nothing much else to do. Many folks these days can't even imagine having nothing to do they're so occupied with their devices, like us on the forum right now. I could be out in my shop as I write this boning a ramrod, but here I sit. 50 or so...
  9. The Crisco Kid

    FOR SALE LePage .45 cal.

    I have a friend who has an original Le Page 14 gauge smooth bore. I can see the similarities between his and the OP's.
  10. The Crisco Kid

    Sizing Die

    His tools sure do work for round balls. I have three of them.
  11. The Crisco Kid

    Sizing Die

    Are the Lee bullets designed to bump up and fill the grooves when they're fired?
  12. The Crisco Kid

    Sizing Die

    I've never used them since I'm a round ball shooter but I think that REAL is an acronym for Rifling Engraved At Loading which seems to me to indicate that they might be a little hard to get started, especially if the bullets aren't very soft. I wonder if a coned muzzle might be a "REAL" help?
  13. The Crisco Kid

    Story Channel

    I just Googled this and copied and pasted it here. All without the help of a 10 year old! I hope it's the right channel. https://storytelevision.com/ Edit: It doesn't look like I can watch it without signing up for some streaming service. Bummer!
  14. The Crisco Kid

    Eye injuries from flintlock?

    Is there any documentation as to how often soldiers, or anyone else, suffered eye injuries in the flintlock period? I'm not making a statement here on safety glasses but it is something I've always wondered about. I'm thinking there must have been quite a few cases of eye injuries even if they...
  15. The Crisco Kid

    Too many options for rifle build

    Good advise from longcruise.
  16. The Crisco Kid


    What's been irritating for me when I've done cleanups like this is finding something I'd forgotten I had so I bought another one and ended up with two.
  17. The Crisco Kid

    Percussion caps in Cabela's

    Remington caps are fine for bench shooting but they are shorter than RWS or CCI. They tip sideways in my Ted Cash capper so I don't use them in it. I'll buy caps from whoever has them. That's just the way it is these days. Pay the money or stay home.
  18. The Crisco Kid

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    You need a taller front sight. If your sight is fixed you can file out a taller blade that will fit over the existing sight and epoxy it on. When it comes time to return the gun to original condition a little heat will soften the epoxy for removal.
  19. The Crisco Kid

    How did the bore diameters like say .54 become established ?

    It does get confusing. Balls per pound is "gauge". A 12 gauge shotgun will have a bore diameter of approximately .729" and balls of that diameter will equal 12 balls per pound. Where things can get really confusing is that the "gauge" is also referred to as the "bore". This was more common in...
  20. The Crisco Kid

    What is this 50cal worth?

    Some of those "Hawken" rifles can be very good shooters but they are in no way representative of original rifles of the real Hawken period. Trying to make it look like an antique would just lower the value even more. I'd say just get into muzzleloading rifles by shooting it. The accuracy may...