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  1. Dirty Mike

    SOLD T/C Hawken Cougar .50 Cal. Reduced to $525 SPF

    Beautiful Rifle! Rifles I always wanted one pop up when I'm broke lol
  2. Dirty Mike

    FOR SALE 54 New Englander for sale

    54 in great shape overall some minor surface rust on barrel but bore is excellent no ramrod synthetic stock 375 shipped or possibly open to trades.
  3. Dirty Mike

    TC sidelocks , how many different models ?

    Hawken also came in 58
  4. Dirty Mike

    TC Tang Sight

    Early ones had the 3 hole for tc hunter peep but the Willis and lyman fit it great also
  5. Dirty Mike

    TC treehawk models ?

    Treehawk came in real tree or mossy oak the rare one to find is the black synthetic stock with blued barrel
  6. Dirty Mike

    TC treehawk models ?

    In a New Englander the R that precedes the serial number stands for Rifle. Same with Tree Hawks and Black Mountain Magnum. Those models have shotgun barrels models which have an S preceding the serial number.
  7. Dirty Mike

    .58 caliber Hawken

    Where did you find that?
  8. Dirty Mike

    .58 caliber Hawken

    I would love to have a true tc 58 hawken. I had to have hoyt bore out a 54 hawken for me but I do have a couple big boars.
  9. Dirty Mike

    New .58 caliber Hawken type Rifle

    Beautiful Rifle!
  10. Dirty Mike

    T/C Hawken, engraved

    I recently purchased a 54 tc hawken off gun broker for 280.00 decent bore still some good prices out there but definitely not worth 700
  11. Dirty Mike

    SOLD TC New Englander .54 cal plus 12 ga

    I wish wow, trade ya for a big boar 😄
  12. Dirty Mike

    TRADE Thompson Big Boar 58 for trade for seneca 32 or 36

    1 million Dollars 😆 honestly no idea looking to Trade first for a pinker and possibly a deer rifle here soon for my son
  13. Dirty Mike

    TRADE Thompson Big Boar 58 for trade for seneca 32 or 36

    Looking for a 32 or 36 tc sidelock, I have this tc big boar 58 for trade
  14. Dirty Mike

    SOLD TC SENECA .36 Caliber With Accessories

    Well if they all fail lol are you interested in trading for a Tc big boar 58?
  15. Dirty Mike

    Tc new englander 12ga question

    For those who have one or just might know is the barrel the same diameter as the 54? Was going to call Bobby and see if it's possible to bore a 54 out to a 12ga