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  1. Andrewmtnman

    SOLD REDUCED Hawken .54 cap lock kit

    Maybe all his pics are not showing on your screen but he does have that info on the last of the first set of pics
  2. Andrewmtnman

    SOLD REDUCED Hawken .54 cap lock kit

    Stupid question, does it come with any kind of instructions? I’ve never assembled a kit but if I were to, this would scratch my itch.
  3. Andrewmtnman

    Just Off The Bench

    Absolutely beautiful!
  4. Andrewmtnman

    Study: Hunters Die After Consuming CWD-Infected Venison

    In 2022, a 72-year-old man with a history of consuming meat from a CWD-infected deer population presented with rapid-onset confusion and aggression. I didn't know Joe liked venison. Explains everything All kidding aside, we need to make sure people, including scientists, are not aiming to take...
  5. Andrewmtnman

    Did I ruin grips

    If you want to try something for the heck of it, paint some hellmans mayonnaise on the wood and let it sit for a while. It’s a trick used to get water rings from glasses out of table tops. Maybe you can salvage them grips or that grip
  6. Andrewmtnman

    Cleaning patch stuck at breach end.

    I use my ball puller, don’t ask why I have one of those:)
  7. Andrewmtnman

    WITHDRAWN T/C Hawken .54 cal. Price Drop

    A lighted arrow nock works too. I bought a cheap fishing bober light that works as well
  8. Andrewmtnman

    Patent Breech Investarms Hawken failures to fire

    I have that rifle in a 45 and use pyrodex (3f equivalent) most all the time. I mostly use cci as well. I dont recall ever having a failure to fire, sometimes the cap doesn't go off if its not seated tight but always goes off on the second hit. I have never tried 777 but think its similar to...
  9. Andrewmtnman

    SOLD Thompson Center 54 Caliber Hawken Barrel

    What is the measurement from the back of the breech to the center of the lug? I think it may fit my investarm but want to make sure. Also what is the measurement at the flats? Thanks
  10. Andrewmtnman

    SOLD 1860 Army antiqued "Colt internals" 11° forcing cone,crowned Pietta Shooter

    You have your "start conversation" turned off in the privacy section and nobody can PM you. Most folks won't discuss details if they can't message you. Fyi
  11. Andrewmtnman

    SOLD 1860 Army antiqued "Colt internals" 11° forcing cone,crowned Pietta Shooter

    He somehow has it turned off in his settings I'm guessing
  12. Andrewmtnman

    Got a new toy.

    Thats interesting. Who makes it?
  13. Andrewmtnman

    Another hog with my .62

    Nice job Buff. Great picture. Its sausage time!!
  14. Andrewmtnman

    TC Renegade .54 Flintlock

    Lol. No joke here Drop a battery down the barrel to the bottom and then take the pic. The flash will bounce off the flat shinny part of the battery and Illuminate the bore nicely
  15. Andrewmtnman

    TC Renegade .54 Flintlock

    Did you try the AA battery trick for the bore pic?
  16. Andrewmtnman

    Just bought my first flintlock. What do I need to take it out shooting, and what do I need to know to have a safe and enjoyable time.

    Read this and saw a guy just posted an ad in the classifieds here with a starter, pan primer, and adjustable powder measure for $35. I have picked up several items there at reasonable prices. What caliber is your flintlock?
  17. Andrewmtnman

    Joseph Golcher rifle

  18. Andrewmtnman

    Any idea who made this rifle?

    Not sure if it helps but I have pics of one similar on a thread I started in April 2022 here. Its titled Joseph gulcher rifle, I believe. May be able to get an idea of the parts missing on yours. Ill try to link the thread but I've never done that b4