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  1. H

    FOR SALE 1861 Navy 36 CVA

    265.00 shipped
  2. H

    SOLD Older Uberti "1858" 44 Remington

    Sorry it sold.....have more I might be listing later.
  3. H

    SOLD Older Uberti "1858" 44 Remington

    Fine mechanics, good bore, date code XX9, 1973
  4. H

    SOLD - Pending funds Older Uberti 1851 .36 Navy

    Lower price......285.00 shipped
  5. H

    FOR SALE 1861 Navy 36 CVA

    Nice condition CVA 1861 Navy 36.....good condition. 300.00 shipped.....offers entertained
  6. H

    SOLD - Pending funds Older Uberti 1851 .36 Navy

    Older Uberti 1851 Navy, 36 caliber. Great shape, grip frame plated.......safe queen. 325.00 shipped......offers entertained
  7. H

    SOLD Older Uberti "1858" 44 Remington

    Older Uberti Remington "1858" in really nice shape. I haven't fired it, has been sitting, so decided to let it go to finance other projects. 325.00 shipped.....offers entertained
  8. H

    FOR SALE Original Remington NMA 44

    Original New Model Army .44, commonly referred to as the 1858. Good old honest gun. Can send more photos if interested, date off as I had intended to put it up, then changed my mind, but , well, thanks Bidenomics. 650.00 shipped......offers entertained
  9. H

    Hershel House Passed Tonight

    Also a member of Hershel's FB group, and was one of his "friends" there too .....we corresponded, first by old fashioned letters, then on FB. ......he was a hero to so many, and got so many of us interested in ML rifles.....my regret is that we never got to meet face to face.......but, we'll...
  10. H

    Making a wedge for the 1860

    I agree, a proper wedge would be nice!
  11. H

    1860 Colt vs. 1858 Remington

    So, what forgot, which one's better, the 1860 Copy, or the "1858" Remington?
  12. H

    1860 Colt vs. 1858 Remington

    Off topic, but that's great looking hipster! Where'd you get it?
  13. H

    1860 Colt vs. 1858 Remington

    I have both.... actually several of both.😆 I have to give the nod to the Remington for a starter.... it's generally more reliable than the Colt open top design, caps don't tend to fall back into the action.....get the Remington to start, then you'll get the ,1860......(which sets in the hand...
  14. H

    Hello from Texas

    San Antonio checking in........no real BP supplies found, the one shop we had that had BP, caps, etc closed years ago...... actually had 2 shops that carried stuff, one a little more than the other, but they're both gone. Shops left don't know much about anything that isn't plastic.....except...
  15. H


    No real response to salesman, you should have been notified...... probably had one item in the bin, but another order puller got to it before your order was filled.....check with VTI, all Mike does is parts......always had good luck with them