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  1. J

    Western Arms Corp. 1860 Army

    A couple of years ago I contacted Cimarron Arms about a Uberti 1866 lever gun I have. It is marked Western Arms. Santa Fe, NM. The rep told me Western Arms was bought out by Allen Firearms which was, in turn, bought out by Cimarron Arms.
  2. J

    SOLD Powder horn

    I'll take it. PM to follow.
  3. J

    Do you shoot old "Originals"?

    1840's Henry Cooper halfstock in .36. The bore was pitted and oversized and was relined by Bobby Hoyt.
  4. J

    Drilling a Touch Hole

    To me it seems that using a coned liner puts your main powder charge just a little closer to the pan for better, faster ignition.
  5. J

    SOLD WTT 1861 Colt contract 58 musket.

    What kind of trade value do you have in mind?
  6. J

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Played around with my Kibler SMR in .32 at 50 yards, off-hand. That gun is so fun to shoot.
  7. J


    Before we met, my ex-wife dated a guy who loaded trucks for UPS. He told her they had competitions to see who could throw the fragile packages the hardest. I've had broken guns and stocks delivered by all three carriers mentioned and they all looked like intentional damage.
  8. J

    Mould or mold ??

    As a teenager I spent 5 years living in Ontario, Canada. That's probably why I scratched my head trying to figure out which spelling to use. Canadians follow many English spellings and pronunciations of words. Now, how about "grey" or "gray"? Chevy or Ford, etc.
  9. J

    Columbia SC area

    Chapin checking in...
  10. J

    Bill Large barrel stamp

    I traded a friend for the flintlock rifle that has this barrel. .54 caliber, the barrel is maker marked W.M. Large in an arc, then J.J.J.J. below, then "L" under the J's. The mark is on the next flat to the left of the bottom flat. "L. Price" engraved on top flat. Does the L indicate a...
  11. J

    Ordered a Crockett .32

    I had mine out today. I built it from a kit back in February. There was a lot of tinkering involved to get everything thing to fit correctly. I bedded the tang area with Acaglas so there is no movement. I also put brass tube bushings in the stock holes that accept the lock plate screws. I hated...
  12. J

    .32 rifle load

    I had the same trouble recently and reread some info about loading. The article suggested wiping the bore after loading to dry the bore of any lube. The idea being that lube in the bore can make for fliers. I tried it and my group immediately shrunk.
  13. J

    Extremely frustrated

    I put a scope on it and that is great. Its on a mount that replaces the rear sight so there's no permanent alteration to the gun. If I was really going to be a big-time Swede shooter I'd buy one that already has a peep sight mounted on the rear of the receiver.
  14. J

    Extremely frustrated

    If only my eyes could see them these days.
  15. J

    Extremely frustrated

    I am quite aware of that. I'm also quite aware that my particular rifle is capable of 3 rounds into 1" - 1.5" at 50 yards ctc. Therefore 3.5" was not acceptable to me.
  16. J

    Extremely frustrated

    Using my new loading method I took this 6 point buck on my property last Saturday morning using my .50 Lyman GPR. .495" ball and 70 grains of Goex 2f. 56.5 yard shot. He moved just as the gun went off and the ball took out his spine right above the lungs.
  17. J

    Extremely frustrated

    Same can.
  18. J

    Extremely frustrated

    Thanks for all the great advise. I was able to get the gun shooting again by wiping the bore after loading each ball. That solved the problem very nicely. 3 rounds into one hole at 50 yards.
  19. J

    Extremely frustrated

    I'm way ahead of you. I've been doing that for several years.