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  1. Youngblood

    Night Firing!

    Pretty cool buddy. The new bronze gun looks good.
  2. Youngblood

    Casting aluminum bronze

    Use tin with your copper to make bronze. Gun metal bronze is 88% copper, 10% tin, and, 2% zinc.
  3. Youngblood

    .62 Rifle Build, 2nd Try

    Thats a cool side plate! Are those cannons?
  4. Youngblood


    Wow i would have thought in 94 they would be cheaper. Nice gun and well taken care of too. 👍🏻 How big is the bore size? How long is the tube? How tall are the wheels? What kind of wood is the carriage made of? At the vent hole, is there any kind of vent liner there or just a hole drilled...
  5. Youngblood


    Those look real nice, good job.
  6. Youngblood

    Wanted: Goex Cannon tin

    If you havent already, i suggest you post a “wanted” or WTB Want to Buy post in the market place forums. 👍🏻
  7. Youngblood

    Help in identifying

    Im not referring to the cascabel. The other handle looking thing-
  8. Youngblood

    Help in identifying

    Whats the handle thing on the back? Does the breech end screw off for breech loading?
  9. Youngblood

    Help with identification and value

    They might have some custom holder upper for the rammer in there. A Walker style or something you dont see in pic.
  10. Youngblood

    Uberti 1858 Remington army

    Appreciate it. Yeah i just meant mechanically reliable as far as “trust” not anything else. As in, i need to use it but some common failure inside breaks on me, thats all. Thank you. Like we have all heard, or at least i have, of certain new made guns that are great or reliable IF you replace...
  11. Youngblood

    Uberti 1858 Remington army

    Oh i see, yes of course. I just meant mechanically and reliability wise. If thats what i was carrying at the time. Obviously if i knew of a serious situation id be packing the quality modern stuff.
  12. Youngblood

    Uberti 1858 Remington army

    TDM, Thank you for the reply. Can you add more to why i can not trust my life with this gun please?
  13. Youngblood

    Help with identification and value

    Depends how much they want. I would not pay more than $100-$150
  14. Youngblood

    Uberti 1858 Remington army

    I just ordered myself an Uberti 1858 Remington type revolver and my question is, are they well made and reliably long lasting? Is there any parts on there that comonly fail and should be replaced or altered? Basically can i trust my life with this gun as is? Thanks
  15. Youngblood

    Charleville Musket - Which One Used by Continentals?

    I think there was alot of older models around, wether from France or left overs from the last war. I read about one battle i cant recall which but the continentals had majority model 1717 guns. Would make sense for france to send older models like 1717, 1728, 1743. The 1763-66 types would be...
  16. Youngblood

    Questions about Lead projectiles in CA For Hunting

    Surprised they aint going after lead fishing weights, ya know cuz the waterfowl. Or is it because it has nothing to do with guns?
  17. Youngblood

    Questions about Lead projectiles in CA For Hunting

    Im shocked that a pellet gun might be exempt, being you can hunt turkeys and such with them. All the while you can plug thousands of rounds of lead all over the place at targets but cant put one round in a deer. 🤔
  18. Youngblood


    Caliber please?
  19. Youngblood

    TRS Officers Fusil Parts, 1996

    What did you do to clean it? Looks great!
  20. Youngblood

    WANTED 1728 French musket

    Not India made. Looking for someones TRS made musket or other such makers. Or one of Alexander Effermenkos guns. Might possibly be willing to look at 1717 models or the other variations of the 1728 like the 1743 type. Or other .69 caliber things.