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  1. Canute Rex

    FOR SALE Rifle Shoppe Swedish Snaplock Musket

    What's up with the lock internals? It has a forward sliding pan cover with a lever arm underneath it, but no push rod or internal bridle on the cock to move such a push rod. It has the pan/cover part of an open-on-firing snaphance but otherwise is like a Swedish lock with the usual manual...
  2. Canute Rex

    Matchlock x accuracy

    A matchlock is as good as any other firearm with the same barrel. Slightly better because of the "surprise ignition" on non-snapping types. You never know it's going to ignite until after it has ignited, so no flinch. The Germans kept the matchlock on target rifles until the early 18th century.
  3. Canute Rex

    Cutting pyrite - easy w/ diamond Dremel discs

    Great work! I welded up a plate with a slot and a right angle holder to make my 4" angle grinder into a little table saw with an adjustable fence. I zip tied window screen over the end of a shop vac pipe and fastened it right where the dust kicks out. Installed a diamond blade. Then I put the...
  4. Canute Rex

    Steve Halford

    My old friend Steve Halford, of Wallingford Vermont, died on Saturday after a long illness. He was an artist in many mediums, most notably raku pottery and pen & ink drawing. He could make sketches worthy of Hogarth with a bottle of ink and a sharpened wooden coffee stirrer. His raku works were...
  5. Canute Rex

    Making slowmatch

    The nitrate won't combust when mixed with water. It's an oxidizer, and when mixed with water becomes potassium hydroxide. It's best to precede the nitrate with a good bucking. That is, simmering the match cord in potassium carbonate (wood ash liquor). That gets the lignin out so that there is...
  6. Canute Rex

    First try at a 17th C priming flask

    I went out shooting "La Donnina", my Italian style wheellock the other day. The primer/wrench worked beautifully. Span the wheel and the next job is priming, and...hey presto... the primer is right there in your hand. I'm glad now that I left off the screwdriver on the end. The round end fits...
  7. Canute Rex

    First try at a 17th C priming flask

    I saw a few that Brian Anderson had made. It's a style of primer/tool that was used in the 17th century. The originals also generally had a screwdriver built in, set on the round end of the flask. A Rev War pan charger wouldn't have had a spring loaded plunger nozzle, would it?
  8. Canute Rex

    First try at a 17th C priming flask

    I was inspired by some "ice cream cone" priming flask/spanner combinations that Brian Anderson had done, so I decided to try one myself. The originals are either Italian or German in origin; there seems to be a debate. Brian gave me a lot of vital guidance on the project. I used sheet steel from...
  9. Canute Rex

    Wheel lock help

    Forging a rough shape saves you a lot of milling/grinding/filing. The key is to forge the part *more* oversized that you think you have to. You'll be amazed at how much you end up filing off the already too thin part before all the roughness disappears.
  10. Canute Rex

    Slow match diameter recomendation

    Tanner Moulds sells the Japanese made match. It is about 5/16" diameter and *hot*. https://www.ballmoulds.com/product/matchlock-cord/ If you buy a few lengths at once the shipping isn't bad, and I realized that it's cheaper than buying untreated braided hemp.
  11. Canute Rex

    Percussion cap question

    DO NOT buy from Midwest Reloads. They are well known as a scam site. They will take your money and then....nothing.
  12. Canute Rex

    Be careful with Black Powder...You never know!

    If there was "autumn dew" collected on the cloth covering him I sincerely doubt static electricity was the culprit. With the gunpowder in a bag on his lap under a tarp and him lying there not moving, I can only imagine an intentional ignition. He was fragged.
  13. Canute Rex

    TRS Wheellock building. Who can put one together?

    He said he didn't regard it as a kit but more of a dare. It was his impression that whoever set up the molds didn't know the purpose of the parts and so left sprues in the wrong places and allowed vital hollow places to get filled in.
  14. Canute Rex

    Matchlock cord not igniting powder?

    Yes, twist it and get another grip and twist again (like we did last summer). You need to get the lignin containing water out of it or else some lignin remains. Boil and rinse and wring until the water is fairly clear.
  15. Canute Rex

    Don't bring a knife to a knife/gun fight.

    You can also know the date of your knife/gun fight. Hunting Knife Combined with Wheellock Pistol Creator: Ambrosius Gemlich Date Created: blade ca. 1528–29, etched with a calendar for the years 1529–34; barrel dated 1540 or 1546 Physical Dimensions: L. 18 1/4 in. (46.4 cm); L. of barrel 12 3/8...
  16. Canute Rex

    A real page turner

    From 1688 to 1694, Francesco Morosini was the Doge (leader) of Venice. He had a special Bible made for him, just in case prayer alone didn't assure his safety. The pistol was fixed to the back cover of the book. It could be fired without opening the book by pulling on a silk bookmark...
  17. Canute Rex

    Treatise on shooting a Petronel

    The breastplate itself was to deal with clubs and arrows, but most breastplates didn't have that added tab of iron at the right shoulder. The theory is that the butt of the musket would hook into the angle between the tab and the rest of the breastplate and not drop onto the bicep of the shooter.
  18. Canute Rex

    Treatise on shooting a Petronel

    Here's a breastplate that was dug up at Jamestown, so early 17th c. Note the added plate on the right shoulder. The researchers reasoned that it was an attempt to make shouldering a musket easier. Whether or not they did generally shoulder muskets or were able to shoulder muskets in a practical...
  19. Canute Rex

    Matchlock cord not igniting powder?

    Put it on your kitchen stove and simmer it for an hour. That is, in a solution of wood ash or potassium carbonate. Maybe use distilled water. You can get potassium carbonate on eBay. Don't use regular lye (potassium hydroxide) because it is too susceptible to absorbing moisture from the air...