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  1. jackpine54

    New Guy from MI

    Welcome from NW Michigan
  2. jackpine54

    First ever hunt

    Stay after it. Some of my best bucks were taken in the rain. Patina that starts as rust from hunting in the rain is worth more than the best finish you can buy!
  3. jackpine54

    Muzzleloader Bull Elk, 2023.

    That's a great picture! Congratulations
  4. jackpine54

    Considering trying some 3F in my .54 GPR, anyone out there ever do so?

    My slow twist gpr in .54 shot very well with .530 ball, .015" patch and 85gr of FFFg goex. However it shot excellent if I used the same components and 100gr of FFg goex. Either one was whitetail accurate, but the FFg just a bit tighter groups.
  5. jackpine54

    How you fill your pan makes no difference ...

    I used to prime with FFFFg and try to use an exact amount, placed perfectly in the pan. Now I just pour some out of the horn into (sometimes around) the pan. Fg and finer, whatever is in the horn and have still been filling all my tags and knocking paint off all the targets. Way simpler
  6. jackpine54

    Woods Runner ready

    That's a beauty. Great work sir!
  7. jackpine54


    I've coned 2 of mine and one for a buddy. 2-.54s and 1-.58. haven't seen any difference in accuracy. I used Joe Woods tools.
  8. jackpine54

    Badly Bitten

    Welcome from Michigan.
  9. jackpine54

    Looking for opinions about shot sizes.

    For squirrels I've always used #5 shot. It also works good for rabbits, turkey and pheasant. I use 6 or 7 shot for grouse and woodcock.
  10. jackpine54

    Tennessee Valley Muzzleloaders

    I had TVM build me one of their fusils about 10 years ago. I got it in about 9 months, one month ahead of schedule. It's been a great gun and probably put a couple thousand pounds of meat in the freezer. I have another in the works now.
  11. jackpine54

    Back to smoothbore and flint

    Congratulations, can't wait to see a range report!
  12. jackpine54

    Pedersoli 10ga waterfowl hunting?

    I shoot a smaller bore gun with 100-110 grains FFg+ op card+ 2oz #3 bismuth shot+ os card for mallards. It works good out of my cylinder bore gun out to 30-35 yards. I think you need to up your charge and shot payload to improve your pattern density. Just my opinion, not recommending my loads.
  13. jackpine54

    Tag #2 with flintlock

  14. jackpine54

    Newbie looking for first flintlock

    I've never had a traditions or a pedersoli, but have friends with them. They enjoy them. I think the prices of new models is getting pretty close to building a kibler kit or having a semi custom built.
  15. jackpine54

    Kibler .36 SMR

    Great looking rifle!
  16. jackpine54

    Pheasant down.

    Sounds like a great hunt, you're living the dream! We don't have pheasants here by the house, but I may be guilty of ambushing a grouse during a squirrel sit when the opportunity arises.
  17. jackpine54

    Winter Shooting

    The coldest range day for me was -34. That was a couple years ago but I'd probably still do it. My range is behind the house so I'm close to a coffee pot and heat if I need it. I try to shoot several times a week if I can. I figure if I keep snowblowing the range I better use it.
  18. jackpine54

    Source for quality flints ?

    Heritage products has quality flints
  19. jackpine54

    Graf's labeled powder

    We just shot a pound of fresh graf's FFg the last weekend. It worked fine in 20 gauge, 54 and 50. The smoke cloud looked just goex smoke to me.
  20. jackpine54

    New member

    Welcome from Michigan. I shoot left, and have a few LH flintlocks. I also have some RH flintlocks and shoot them just as good. I have found that the lock doesn't matter near as much as the cast of the stock. Some are fine others just don't line up with my eye.