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  1. JBird

    MeatEater's American History The Long Hunter's (1761-1775)

    I figured some folks here would enjoy this Audio Book, just released a few weeks ago. I just finished it this afternoon and enjoyed it. I know some folks won't be interested since it isn't in print, but worth a listen. There is plenty of good info, and it's scripted in a way that makes it more...
  2. JBird

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Haven't had a range day with black powder since hunting season kicked off, just been plinking with the unmentionables. With the National Forest clear of blaze orange, I picked up an 8" gong and hiked into the hills today to find me some places I can ring steel instead of punching paper. Best I...
  3. JBird

    Doe down

    Updated first post with the recovered ball
  4. JBird

    Doe down

    Hit the woods this morning in a new Public Land spot. We don't have many doe days locally, so I drove an hour and a half with intentions of camping if I couldn't make it happen today. Morning hunt was a bust, and I couldn't seem to get away from people, so I left out and found another chunk of...
  5. JBird

    Hello from GA

    Another welcome from North Georgia, (Habersham). You're not far from Red Hill range where the Blue Ridge Mountain Men meet up monthly. I've not personally shot with them but plan to at some point
  6. JBird

    Favorite Fiction?

    I have the first few books in the series, I do need to get back on them. Loved the movie.
  7. JBird

    Favorite Fiction?

    I enjoy reading Historical Fiction or outright Fiction set in the past. Curious what some of you folks have enjoyed over the years, anything pertaining to the time periods discussed on this forum. I'm currently reading Jack Hinsons One-Man Army and re-reading the Forbes Road series. Of course...
  8. JBird

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Went hunting this morning and while busting through some real dense brush I bumped a 130-150lb Hog at about 10 yards. Had my sights on the Black body, but it was so dense I couldn't tell if it was a big hog or a small black bear. It took off and I got a small window at about 70yards, I took a...
  9. JBird

    Rubber muzzle covers when hunting ?

    I just keep muzzle down, but a lot of folks use electrical tape on "modern" rifles without issue. The pressure in the bore should blow it off before the projectile reaches it
  10. JBird

    .45 for squirrel? Powder charges?

    I've taken one squirrel and one deer this year with my 45. 30gr 3f puts me dead on at 25yards and a smidge low at 50 yards. 65 grains 3f is POA at 50+ yards.
  11. JBird

    New guy in Georgia

    Welcome from Northeast Ga (Habersham)
  12. JBird

    Has anyone tumbled their Balls in media ....

    I put my cast balls in a glass jar and roll/tumble against themselves. It'll get rid of the sprue fairly quick
  13. JBird

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I've been going through mink oil lately, prelubing precut and patch strips. So I decided I'd finally mix up a large batch of lube. Nothing fancy figured I'd give Mike Beliveau's recipe of 2/3 Lambs tallow 1/3 beeswax a try. 2lbs of tallow and a 1lb block of beeswax conveniently filled up 6 8...
  14. JBird

    Percussion muzzleloader

    Is it .36 or .44 caliber?
  15. JBird

    Patch Knife / Hunting Blade

    Curious what you guys think, I got in a knife making mood last year and this was one of them. It's been sitting in a drawer since. Started out more modern in blade and handle shape, but I messed up the grind and tried to "salvage" it by reshaping the blade and handle. Still doesn't really look...
  16. JBird

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Another range trip with the Colonial in .58 smoothbore. Starting to get somewhere with this gun. Tried various bareball loads with no success last time out. Switched from a .570 to a .562 ball with drill cloth patching, Easy loading and pretty accurate best group was below. All of my groups...
  17. JBird

    Southern Rifle gets it done

    I was hunting Redlands WMA
  18. JBird

    Southern Rifle gets it done

    Built this "poorboy" southern (.45) rifle back in 2018 and these last few years getting into hunting it's never been carried for deer until today. I've always opted for the Kibler in 54, as I've had some reliability issues with this gun, too many pan flashes to be confident and ignition a bit...
  19. JBird

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Got to the range to try out the Cotton Drill patches today, no complaints on accuracy. 5 shots up top and 4 on the bottom. Shot a few groups but this gun has been struggling this weekend, 2 separate range trips with my "poor boy" rifle this weekend and both gave me tons of flashes in the pan...
  20. JBird

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Picked up 10 yards of Joann's "famous" Cotton Drill. Cut up a dozen strips and a few hundred precuts. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow, tighter weave than anything I've tried and basically no fraying