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    Right hand or left hand shooter? 🤔

    I shot long guns right handed for many years until I lost vision in my right eye. Now I shoot them left handed. Being all that, I have always shot with both eyes open regardless of which side I shot or shoot.
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    SOLD Thompson Center for sale

    I'm confused now.
  3. M

    SOLD Thompson Center for sale

    Mustanger seems to be the smartest one in the bunch here this morning.
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    Youtube is cracking down

    It is not what is right or wrong, it is their agenda. Don't support them, go somewhere else.
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    History, stories , folklore & tales

    this is one of the best subject sections I've seen on this forum. All good stuff.
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    Own land? I paid cash for my acre with a house and outbuilding but I have to give the county a large portion of my income yearly or they will move me off of it and sell it to someone who will keep paying the taxes . We own no real property in this country, in one way or another we pay to stay...
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    Whats your favorite muzzleloader you own?

    I don't know about a favorite but I have an emotional attachment to a .54 cal TC that my wife bought me, and her .36 cal Seneca that I got for her years ago . There are several that I like to shoot more than others. A favorite I cannot chose.
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    BALLISTOL a fair shake

    I cleaned mz guns with water, then bought Ballistol, and like Terrier the odor repulsed me, so I'm back to cleaning with water. Gave the stinky stuff away.
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    SOLD Free wall hanger

    Ah ha. Good for him
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    SOLD Free wall hanger

    All he wants to do is give away a wall hanger. Anybody take it yet? If I was closer I would.
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    What is it that pulls us into muzzle loading!

    I'm right there with Tanglefoot. Had to slow down or go nuts.
  12. M

    inexpensive spotting scope recommedations

    1984 or 85 while shooting in the nationals I bought a Champions choice spotting scope to read wind and be able to see .30 cal bullet holes at 300 yards, a 60x eyepiece. Cheapest scope they had. Still using it. Good and clear. For BP shooting one doesn't need an olympic grade scope, we just...
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    What are your favorite Thompson Center (T/C) Percussion guns?

    I have three TC rifles. Favorite is the .54 cal. my wife bought as a kit in 85 as a Christmas gift to me. Two are Seneca's. A .36 cal. that I got for her, and a .45 that bought from a forum member.
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    What is it that pulls us into muzzle loading!

    After many years of shooting modern rifles and pistols in competitions it all became somewhat boring and too repetitive. Found a new way to excite the gun hobby, muzzle loaders. Completely different mind set on how to do things. Shooting became fun again.
  15. M

    54 caliber, not so odd any more?

    My first BP rifle was a .54 TC kit that my wife bought as a Christmas gift in about 1985. I didn't put it together til the winter of 87 due to my being serious in the high power rifle program. I still have the TC and shoot it once in a while. It seems to be my favorite BP caliber and rifle.
  16. M

    Crazy Crow non iron "Iron" cookware?

    Fire cleans and purifies. Burn the tool and if it gets cleaned off your problem is solved. If burning ruins the tool your problem is solved in a different way. Just get a different tool.
  17. M

    To go left-handed or not

    In 1990 my right retina was lazered. Was right handed, Started shooting long guns left side and a year later was back to shooting high power master scores. Just change over and with time and effort you will be ok shooting left side. Handguns are no problem.
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    Lead could dissolve a marriage

    Women shouldn't mess with things that aren't their own.
  19. M


    In the not too distant past always bought primers by the 5000 case and powder in 8 lb containers. I still have some of it and it is always better to over purchase. Same with muzzle loader stuff.
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    Does this look right to you ?

    I'm more into function than aesthetics. If it shot well I personally wouldn't mess with it.