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  1. ronaldrothb49

    Calibre questions

    If you are using the same bullet and a similar fast twist rifling in both then you could probably get similar results. The problem comes from the round ball in a muzzle loader.
  2. ronaldrothb49

    Correct size flint.

    Actually if you measure the width of the frizzen you will find it is 3/4" wide which is the width of the flint you will need.
  3. ronaldrothb49


    This is why I would NEVER buy a gun I had not inspected first.
  4. ronaldrothb49

    Calibre questions

    I have shot most everything from .32 to .54. If I had to pick just one it would be the .40, I have won more matches with a .40 than any other I have owned. A close second would be the .38 that I had. Kind of wish I hadn't sold that one it had possibilities.
  5. ronaldrothb49

    Historically accurate example of Flint, Full stock, hooked breech, barrel wedges?

    Wow just a little bit change of direction there. I think you made a good choice there, I have never been ashamed of any rifle I have built they have all been learning experiences. My first build from scratch I named the Ugly Duckling for a reason, it wasn't intended to be pretty, it was built to...
  6. ronaldrothb49

    Is the mag spark ignition nipple allowed in NMLRA competition?

    Rule 1250-ignition primers can only be used on slug guns or inlines in designated matches
  7. ronaldrothb49

    How long would you go when using spit patches without concern?

    I always use a spit patch in competition or when practicing which is 99% of my shooting. It will at most be in the barrel for a couple minutes. If I am hunting I use a lubed patch because it might be in the barrel for a couple days or possibly a couple weeks depending on how lucky I get.
  8. ronaldrothb49

    Correct spelling for Hawk_n?

    Germanic names seem to get butchered even today. Myself having a rare Germanic name it never ceases to amaze me how people butcher the spelling or how they pronounce it. Wolfgang Haga was actually the younger brother of Samuel and Jacobs grandfather.
  9. ronaldrothb49

    Correct spelling for Hawk_n?

    Actually if you go by the original family name it was Hachen
  10. ronaldrothb49

    Historically accurate example of Flint, Full stock, hooked breech, barrel wedges?

    Given your list of what you are looking for I would personally be looking at a Jaeger. A short 32 inch barrel, full stock in .54 caliber would sound like what you are looking for. As others have said water proof locks aren't water proof. There is NO reason to remove the barrel to clean it...
  11. ronaldrothb49


    Been sweating on stocks for years and have never noticed it affecting the stock. More concerned by the blood I leave on the stock. So far the one I am working on doesn't have any blood on it YET. Now the one I finished last fall I was beginning to worry it would be declared a Bio Hazard with all...
  12. ronaldrothb49

    Interesting article from Backwoodsman 2020

    while there were some flintlocks that got converted to percussion I don't buy that everyone rushed out to do that. If that had happened there would be very few original flintlocks that survived. According to info in Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in the Golden age Kindig lists info from Leonard...
  13. ronaldrothb49

    Vinagroon Got Nasty

    Been trying to make some Vinegeroon. Using old barbed wire and been working for over a month. The solution has turned black and is still bubbling but when I test it on leather get a very slight brown color. Tried it on wood and got a grey color. Wondering where the black is?
  14. ronaldrothb49

    Unbeatable bore rust

    The only time I have ever had a problem with rust was many, many years ago when I let a guy talk me into using his magic moose milk cleaning concoction which contained Peroxide. Thought I was never going to get that barrel to stop rusting. Needless to say nothing containing Peroxide has ever...
  15. ronaldrothb49

    Can anyone ID these two locks

    The first one looks like the lock from the first model of the CVA Kentucky and also some early CVA pistols. The second one Looks like the lock on the CVA Mountain Rifle. I believe they were made by Jukar.
  16. ronaldrothb49

    Preference poll: smoothbore or rifled?

    Have never really been interested in a smooth bore. Have always been interested in match shooting just never really felt like I would shoot a smooth bore much.
  17. ronaldrothb49

    Picked up a pile of "chunks"(or probably not!)

    Your friend seems to have had a favorite style rifle. Personally I have had good luck in over the log matches with a .40 caliber and the 1 inch barrel will give it a little weight. Those deep crescent butt plates could be a little rough over the log or off a bench. Flater butt plates seem to...
  18. ronaldrothb49


    In Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in the Golden Age Kindig lists info from Leonard Reedy's journals which covers a period between 1819 to 1837. The number one repair he has listed is Freshen a barrel, 128 listings at $0.50. Number 2 was Steeling a hammer. The early gun barrels were made of iron...
  19. ronaldrothb49

    Ok I give up need help on AMS meaning

    considering the number of years I shot cross sticks that could apply. Got to be something wrong when you enjoy shooting a 50 & 5X's and all you get is a good smoke award. I really miss that I can't compete anymore.
  20. ronaldrothb49

    Ok I give up need help on AMS meaning

    Any Metallic Sight. In other words you can pretty much use any sight EXCEPT FOR SCOPES. Adjustable and peep sights would be legal.