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  1. Zutt-man

    Woodsrunner in Extra Fancy Maple

    Here are my extra fancy colonials
  2. Zutt-man

    .54 Woodsrunner suggestions

    Try FFF
  3. Zutt-man

    Shot patterns

    And again at 38 yards. Oklahoma public land
  4. Zutt-man

    .58 smooth (24 ga) loads

    Extended it to 38 yards this weekend. Oklahoma public land
  5. Zutt-man

    Gobbler #39

    Gobbler #40 came from Oklahoma public lands. The Kibler has now been extended to 38 yards.
  6. Zutt-man

    Elk calling

    Remy Warren has several podcast episodes on this. In my experience, calling elk (and turkeys for that matter) is all situational. Figuring out your set up, what to call, how frequent, knowing when to bulldog… Reading the behavior and scenario are more important than the elk sound itself
  7. Zutt-man

    Get your deer tested

    I lost my garden in a boating accident
  8. Zutt-man

    .58 smooth (24 ga) loads

    It works!
  9. Zutt-man

    Shot patterns

    It worked again! This time at 32 yards
  10. Zutt-man

    Gobbler #39

  11. Zutt-man

    Gobbler #39

    It was a cool Kansas morning. Cool enough to be a little concerned about my freshly planted garden. In fact, I had just spent a good two hours, a few days prior, transplanting my black plastic pods of melons, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. However, the humidity from recent rains had kept the...
  12. Zutt-man

    Get your deer tested

    Replied in the other thread on this, but it’s an opinion based article with desperate assumptions to connect dots. Will I feed infected meat to my kids? No. Will I eat it? Absolutely
  13. Zutt-man

    Study: Hunters Die After Consuming CWD-Infected Venison

    Opinion based article desperately trying to connect dots. Will I feed infected meat to my kids? Probably not. Will I eat it myself? Absolutely
  14. Zutt-man

    What is the reasonable distance to quickly kill a turkey with a muzzleloader?

    I’ve shot the juiced up unmentionables with expensive chokes. Never tried beyond 60, but I know they at least work out to there consistently. A few years ago I completely switched my philosophy on hunting gobblers and won’t shoot one past 40 yards anymore. Not because I can’t, but because I...
  15. Zutt-man

    Round ball for .58 caliber

    at what range?
  16. Zutt-man

    Kibler Fowler Update

  17. Zutt-man

    Who can jug choke a smoothbore barrel?

    Shoot me a PM
  18. Zutt-man

    Who can jug choke a smoothbore barrel?

    Leland Davis out of Wells, KS did mine
  19. Zutt-man

    .58 smooth (24 ga) loads

    This might be in your wheelhouse of interest https://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/threads/shot-patterns.160172/