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  1. Mtman725

    BALLISTOL a fair shake

    I put that **** on everything!!!!!!
  2. Mtman725

    New member from Montana

    Welcome 18 here, there's a MT roll call also.
  3. Mtman725

    First Flint bore charge not going off.

    Ya I seen it right off on the first cleaning. So now living with it.
  4. Mtman725

    First Flint bore charge not going off.

    This is what I've been thinking, because after one or two shots the bore should be clean and dry, no matter what 60 grs of FF should dry it out. Do carry a large paper clip, in my bag, I'll look for a replacement,touch hole and going to drill out then one I have.
  5. Mtman725

    Got to shoot my .36 today.

    Nice shooting, it's great when things click.
  6. Mtman725

    First Flint bore charge not going off.

    I'll start standing it on the muzzle after cleaning. Anything's worth a try.
  7. Mtman725

    First Flint bore charge not going off.

    Always lite on everything, a few min. before loading, Lite on the patch with WS fluid then flip it and use the dry side again. To clean anything left patch is clean, bore dry. never listen for breath. But I'll check. I did took .357 45 hard nylon brushes to the breech area, and small patches 30...
  8. Mtman725

    First Flint bore charge not going off.

    So picked up a Lyman flint 3 months or so back, getting good spark at the pan, the pan change goes off regular as it should, but the main charge in the barrel doesn't, I am using FFF Swiss in the pan, English flints, which work fine. FF Goex in the bore, bore is clean and dry, patch the bore...
  9. Mtman725

    Hello from Ohio

    Howdy, and welcome, Montana here was a one time buckeye myself. Mtman725
  10. Mtman725

    SOLD Beautiful Lyman GPR

    Nice like them GPR's
  11. Mtman725

    One of my best damn friends ever

    So sorry,we are better people to have had them in our life and hearts. He'll be waiting for you.
  12. Mtman725

    #11 Percussion Caps

    I found them here as well buts its been 2.5 months ago. Good people.
  13. Mtman725

    My wife is a keeper!! View the Hudson Bay blanket gun cover she made.

    Very nice, you owe her, a nice dinner out.
  14. Mtman725

    .54 rifled bore pitting

    Talk with him he'll make it right. Looks like a dull tooling to me.
  15. Mtman725

    Thompson Center questions

    TOTW will tell you everything. patch size it depending on the gun, each is on to its self.