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    Aperture sights

    I have apertures (Lyman) on a Lyman GPR and a Thompson Renegade. Both barrels are routinely removed for cleaning. No concern about any change in zero.
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    Kibler Fowler available.

    Maybe a silly question....My wife is used to them...but historically for this firearms purpose, what were the most common barrel sizes, and intended game use? I know certainly "intended game use" was often circumstantial....I have read many accounts of bear/deer etc. getting blasted by whatever...
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    Kibler Fowler available.

    Hate to tell ya, you are going to be a few years banking your money....
  4. D


    You guys are killing me....All winter and ongoing, I have been working on our house to sell it, and currently moving into our new home....My local BP league started April 1, luckily I made the first three weeks, but missed the last four. Should be back next week. I really hope to get involved...
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    Muzzleloader magazine

    Got mine a week ago. If I want to read to enjoy, I want the paper copy in my hands, myself. I save the copies, and go back to read articles I initially passed on.
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    What Makes a "Better" Component?

    Defining the word " quality" is much more difficult than it appears on the surface. See..."Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
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    What Makes a "Better" Component?

    Mass production vs specialty production. A product made for the masses cheap, or a quality more limited product designed and sold for a more discerning experienced clientelle.
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    How Deadly is a Flintlock Rifle…

    Red coats (literally) with a big white X !
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    Are cap rakes really necessary or a solution in search of any real problem ?

    About two years ago I picked up a Pietta 1860. Some cap jam problems. After reading up on the forum, I settled down with some fine stones and sand paper and worked on the hammer face. About 100 rounds later, not a single jam. I love that gun. I have an 1862 from Uberti....I can usually cycle...
  10. D

    White Deer

    On the old Seneca Army Base in the NY Fingerlakes there is a herd of white deer. They originated from a pair of twins back in the fifties that recieved the base commanders protection....A dominant gene passed along, a few years later, there were and are more white (not albino) deer in the area...
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    Well, I’m a Maynard Owner Now!

    Wow, that is beautiful! Is it an original or a modern replica? Do I remember correctly they use thier own dedicated reusable cartridges?
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    Casting Lead balls for the first time _ advice Needed...

    Remember "back in the day".....campfire bullet molding was most frequently done only by necessity, and in small quantities....frequently remelting the bullets that were dug out of kills. Small quantitiies of lead /small "pots", required much less heat. Big chunks...big heat. Nothing fun, really...
  13. D

    Hi from East Africa

    How is the BP supply? I was lucky enough to hunt SA a couple years ago, and loved it. We would love to get back there (we also were hunting in the Grahamstown area) but it is unlikely. Certainly I can see quite a bit of plains game as being doable with a ML, but boy are your critters tough...
  14. D

    Hi from East Africa

    Welcome! What do you hunt ?
  15. D

    Kibler Fowler Update

    Initially I wasnt too interested, but I have to say after watching the video, he has grabbed my attention. I can certainly relate to the fowler more as a "fun gun" for wood walks/ small game hunting.
  16. D

    No jokes?

    okay, making this up on the spot.... Forget timeframe correct, etc. Daniel Boone was walking through the woods, when he came upon Davey Crockett with his rifle....bare stark nakid!! Davey, says Boone....Whadya doing out hare in da cold bare nakid????? Says Davey......."Aint it obvious...
  17. D

    Making a hunting sword from a machete

    Cool project.... Am I mistaken in thinking most "beater" machetes are quite soft steel?
  18. D

    Just bought my first flintlock. What do I need to take it out shooting, and what do I need to know to have a safe and enjoyable time.

    Flints are like primers....never enough.....I am sure you will be able to find out what size you need here for your specific rifle. Track of the Wolf is a reliable source, or even just check online (ebay or amazon) for a few. As was mentioned, chipped and not cut are best.
  19. D

    When Do You Use Your Vent Pick?

    After every reload before I prime. Seems like to only after a flash in the pan is kind of like closing the barn door after the horse got out. My vent pick is attached to my priming horn, so it is in the same motion, almost.
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    WANTED All the lead seems to have disappeared :(

    Good ol Justin.44 lead prices, shipped, are way better than anything I can find locally, and it is good soft lead that doesnt need cleaning.