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    Marking Identification: New England Militia Musket

    Anybody else seeing a logo with three intertwined letters?
  2. T

    Simon Kenton grave

    Was at his grave site in Urbana Ohio yesterday. There were the usual coins left on top and then I spotted some else.... A loaded 9 m\m round! Yikes! Methinks a musket ball would have been more appropriate.
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    A percussion muzzleloader

    Is this rifled or smoothbore? I've not seen anything like it. As far as the hammer resembling a Golcher, it does, but so do most hammers. Are the markings actually markings or just gouges or casting imperfections?
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    A percussion muzzleloader

    The town looks European. Not many castles here.
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    Nipples: To Remove Or Not Remove

    That ramrod thimble should be an easy fix. If you can precisely put it back in place and secure with a small clamp a little heat will fuse the solder or braze and reattach. The stock cracks look like from the wood drying out and are not in critical areas, but the large caliber will generate...
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    New Member from Michigan

    Welcome from the thumb of Michigan.
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    Brass w/steel Hawk finished

    An incredible piece- huzzah!
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    Mystery 45..

    Somebody's custom build. Looks like a green mountain barrel and a Siler lock.
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    SxS cape Gun

    Love those wood or horn trigger guards seen on European guns.
  10. T

    Red Mapel

    This has been a fascinating thread! Thanks to all that contributed.
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    Original Henry Deringer

    It's a CVA. They are .45 caliber and take a .440 round ball with patch. Use a light powder charge.
  12. T

    .31 caliber revolvers

    I think original Colt designations were that dragoons were horse pistols meant to ride in holsters on the saddle, 1851 and 1860 models were belt pistols, and the small frames were pocket pistols regardless of barrel length. Men's over coats had some deep pockets.
  13. T

    Help identifying this old barrel

    Agree with Rich. Look at the corrosion on the muzzle. That took some time.
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    Kalamazoo living history show

    It's a week away - be there or be square!
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    De Witt Bailey

    Published many books on all things British firearms. Only know him from the view of a reader, but he will be missed.
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    New Member looking for history on a family heirloom

    Just did the Google thing and there is a reprint of a diary of a man by that name and town. Described as a farmer and abolitionist that moved from Pennsylvania to Ottawa in 1830s. Might be worth a look see.
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    New Member looking for history on a family heirloom

    Can't help on the maker but it looks to be a late percussion gun. Turned muzzle indicates a matching bullet starter. What's the bore size? Please put some oil on all the metal parts that are rusting. May be a candidate for some wood restoration depending on the condition of the rest of the gun.
  18. T

    Kibler Pennsylvania Rifles

    Get your checkbook out! By the way it's Kibler - Keibler is the hollow tree cookie guys....😇