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  1. Piquant

    Greetings From Occupied Territory!

    Welcome from south Louisiana
  2. Piquant

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    When to the range this morning, my buddy and I was the only ones there. I shot the Pennsylvania flintlock in 45 cal shooting out to 50 yards.Had to replace the flint but other than that it shot very well.
  3. Piquant


    Welcome from South Louisiana
  4. Piquant

    Love to be a family

    Welcome from south Louisiana
  5. Piquant

    Film Quote

    The worms gotta eat, the same as the buzzards.
  6. Piquant

    New to muzzleloading

    Welcome from South Louisiana
  7. Piquant

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome from South Louisiana. Material things can be replaced. I'm happy he was unharmed.
  8. Piquant

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I was gifted some lead that I cut up and melded down to ingots. About 6 pounds. If it's free, it's for me!
  9. Piquant

    What’s Your Favorite Long Gun that You own.

    I like my Pedersoli 45 caliber Pennsylvania in flint with double set triggers. She is fun to shoot
  10. Piquant

    Gardening ..again

    Harvested some sweet basil today and drying it in the dehydrator. Love some in gravy and Tomato sauces
  11. Piquant

    .36 cal SMR in Walnut completed

    Very nice, I like that.
  12. Piquant

    New Forum User from Texas

    Welcome from south Louisiana
  13. Piquant

    BALLISTOL a fair shake

    I use ballistol on everything around the house especially muzzleloaders. To each their own. Good luck.
  14. Piquant

    Cleaning / Shining up Brass Framed Revolvers?

    I will never understand the lured of tarnish brass🙂
  15. Piquant

    Gardening ..again

    Maybe the bean leave beetle.
  16. Piquant

    Gardening ..again

    I would think there is plenty enough minerals in the ground. I would use it.
  17. Piquant

    Gardening ..again

    If I lived closer to you I would be more than happy to get it running for you. The gas they make today contributes to thr trouble you are experiencing. I can't help but to think its on purpose. They know how to make good gas.
  18. Piquant

    Cleaning / Shining up Brass Framed Revolvers?

    I like mine looking like new. When I take a brand new pistol out the box all shiny and new it gives me a chubby. So I like keeping them that way. I use Never Dull, grab a piece of it and rub it on. When like new wipe with dry rag.
  19. Piquant

    Gardening ..again

    It all looks very nice. Wonderful job there.
  20. Piquant

    Hi Folks.

    Welcome from south Louisiana