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  1. D

    Rebuild of an antique American Side hammer pistol

    This is excellent ! :thumb:
  2. D

    Pistol value ???

    I have a Navy Arms revolver just like that. It’s well made and a fun shooter. :thumb:
  3. D

    Got a new toy!!

    Stunning, beautiful !
  4. D

    Percussion cap tins

    I keep my caps in a Ted Cash capper. Easy on the fingers ! :thumb:
  5. D

    Woodsrunner CNC Incised Carving

    Again, it’s Maryanne or Ginger…. I have an arm for each one. :cool: Jim Kibler, you do you, and thank you. :thumb::cool:
  6. D

    Woodsrunner CNC Incised Carving

    I received a carved Woods Runner kit as a gift. I am exceptionally pleased with it. It’s that whole Maryanne or Ginger thing. :cool:
  7. D

    Black Powder Aluminium Flask?

    I made one from walnut that was left over from a plank build for a pistol. All the wood matched. It turned out very nice. My flask was made in three pieces like a sandwich. The top and bottom were solid. The center part had the middle of the piece cut out for the cavity. Think of a piece...
  8. D

    Spear head load board

    That loading block is just plain old cool ! Not your run of the mill drab stuff. :thumb: :cool:
  9. D

    My Recent Rifle Build

    Beautiful coloring and stock ! :thumb:
  10. D

    TC Patriot parts

    If I remember correctly, the locks on the Seneca and Cherokee rifles are the same basically as the Patriot lock. That might expand you search options.
  11. D

    Baker Rifle powder horn (build)

    That little nick isn’t so bad. I’m sure you could either patch that, or camouflage it somehow Maybe you could solder a loop there and put a leather thong through the loop to secure it to your horn. You wouldn’t want to lose that thing out in the field.
  12. D

    Does this look right to you ?

    If it shoots well, live with it. If you have just got to file something, file the wings off the base of the sight. Otherwise, you’ll always be able to spot your rifle in a rack full of other rifles. Nothing wrong with that.
  13. D

    Baker Rifle powder horn (build)

    It looks interesting. I can’t see where you slipped with the tool.
  14. D

    Does this look right to you ?

    What is it that’s bothering you ? Is it the finish on the barrel or the file work on the sight or muzzle ? All three ? :dunno:
  15. D

    Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle For Son

    Simply elegant, everyday tool/ rifle. And forget what DrLaw is offering…. I AM your long lost, FAVORITE son. I think I am next in line. 😎
  16. D

    How do you stabilise your rifle for load testing/sighting in?

    If you really think about…. Shoot from a bagged rest. Place your support hand under the toe/ butt area of the stock. By squeezing or relaxing your fist under the toe, you can raise or lower the muzzle for elevation. Wind age is done on the bag. Mount the rifle properly, cheek weld, eye...
  17. D

    Pedersoli Jäger Rifle

    Beautiful looking. I never knew Pedersoli even made those. :thumb:
  18. D

    Fess Parker Recalled d.2010

    Azmntmn, Yes, Fess Parker was in a remake of the movie Smokey. It was in the early to mid 60’s. I can’t think of who was in the original movie…:dunno:
  19. D

    Fess Parker Recalled d.2010

    We sure could use another Fess Parker. :thumb:
  20. D

    My first powder horn.

    Beautiful horn ! What is there not to like ? :thumb: