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    Price of flints going up

    Best thing about muzzleloading is you can save money by learning to make your own supplies. I learned how to make powder which I can do for pennies on the pound. One out of the three ingredients I have an almost limitless supply(willow tree in my back yard)so that costs nothing. I make my own...
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    New Goex powder vs. the Old Goex powder

    I can't attest to any merits or lack thereof for the "new" Goex as I haven't bought any, and don't plan to. I learned how to make my own powder after Goex went south and once what little Goex I have left is gone, I will be shooting my own stuff from there on out.
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    Touch hole insert

    There is absolutely no need to remove the liner. There will be those who say yes, do it, but don't listen to them. Their guns will have the threads in the barrel wear out and have to be retapped, not yours.
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    Dry ball removal

    About 120psi on the air compressor, hold a rubber tipped air nozzle against the flash hole and let her rip. I've had balls fly across my street using the compressor. There's 22 acres of cornfield over there so no danger except to maybe a corn stalk or two. I lay the gun on a small table in my...
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    Lead ammo ban in Wisconsin?

    Just another attempt to get rid of hunting by eating the horse one bite at a time.
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    Casting Lead balls for the first time _ advice Needed...

    Maybe this is a wives tale, but I soot up the mould with a candle. Learned this trick from my father who used to cast fishing sinkers. IMO, it does help with allowing the balls to exit the mould easier.
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    Anyone else chomping at the bit for the Kibler smoothbore?

    My thoughts exactly. I built a smoothbore years ago.
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    .32 VS .36

    I have no experience with a .36 but I do own a .32. My .32 is a tack driver at 25 yards. I use it for squirrels and head shots are easy. I like that I can make several days worth of hunting ammo with just a few ounces of lead. Can't do that with a .40 or larger.
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    2024 Turkey Hunting

    Ha, our season opens May 3rd.
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    2024 Turkey Hunting

    I'll be taking my TVM poor boy 20 gauge turkey hunting again this year, but only on the days when it's forecast to be rain free. On rainy days, I'll have one of my unmentionables.
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    Regrets with L and R lock for Traditions?

    And who cares if she does. As long as you aren't robbing Peter to pay Paul, the wife should keep her mouth shut. You think she's going to ask your permission to spend whatever $ amount she wants on what makes her happy? Do it anyway.
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    Regrets with L and R lock for Traditions?

    I have an L&R on my smoothbore. The fit of the frizzen was very loose. I had to squeeze the lock in a press where the frizzen screw resides, to put some tension on the frizzen. It sparks well now but before the flint would just knock the frizzen open, producing hardly any sparks. I couldnt get...
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    Best barrel twist for .54 Caliber

    My TVM Lancaster has a 1 in 60 ish twist rate. It's very accurate and is meant for roundballs. Get a 1 in 48 twist if you'll be shooting balls or conicals. Slow twist rates aren't good for conicals from what I'm aware of.b
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    Pawn Stars

    Supposedly the one "gun expert" they had appraising firearms, has a dubious reputation and is a known a hole in the community. At least that's what I've heard.
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    Who can relate

    I thought I was the only one with a cluttered work area. I'm usually pretty neatly organized, but when I'm in the middle of working on a project, it's clutter city until the project is completed. My current matchlock build, is all over the work room. You should see my garage right now. I'm...
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    Thanks USPS

    Our local post office is notorious for losing or damaging items. Complaints go unanswered. I never use the USPS. Whenever I order something online, I expressly tell them in the instruction block DO NOT SEND VIA USPS OR IT WILL BE SENT BACK UNACCEPTED. I gladly pay more to use another carrier...
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    Mike Beliveau injured in fall, doing OK.

    I recall he had a shoulder issue several years ago. That's a shame it's happened again. Hope he gets well soon. I saw him at Dixons gun fair a while ago. Wanted to talk to him but he had a nice crowd around him so I didn't get the chance.
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    First time buyer / cracked stocks.

    And following how things were done 200 years ago and it cracked as a result, that's following doctrine to me. Just because they did it that way doesn't mean it can't fail
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    First time buyer / cracked stocks.

    The area just behind the lock, where the trigger hand goes is usually very thin, and many builders fall for the " get it as thin as possible" doctrine, leading to weakness in that area, and subsequent cracking.
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    Can’t find a rifle!

    I'd say purchase a kit and build your own. So many people go the "have someone else" build it, then they complain about the backlog. Building isn't that challenging. You can go at your own pace, and best of all, your gun is first in line.