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    WANTED Caywood "Wilson" lock

    To say the least! Was a profoundly ugly situation. Bothered me a lot when I got the details. Danny is still a straight-up guy as near as I can tell. Have known him for years.
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    Help with musket id

    Full-length photos of both sides? And close-ups of lock area?
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    carrying loose shot

    Old Prince Albert tobacco cans make good shot containers.
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    I suspect improper cleaning and general neglect was the primary cause for needing rifling recut. Also remember that the old barrels were made of relatively soft iron, which even greased patches will cause a small amount of wear if the gun was shot a lot.
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    Oh, Come On With the Inflated Caps!!

    What did they cost?
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    Baker .40 cal 1/2 stock value

    Call the shop and tell them you will take it for $475 if they will hold it. Or put it on your credit card. Do not delay!
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    Need help identifying this old muzzleloader

    VERY NICE looking rifle. What caliber? Love the stick architecture. Wouldn’t mind to have it myself.
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    SOLD 54 Woods runner

    OUTSTANDING! What stain and finish was used?
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    Federal smoothbores at Gettysburg, Jul. 1863

    The Irish have never been a “ rifle culture “. Most were so poor that they barely had enough to eat, so no money could be spared for recreational shooting. Or guns.
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    Repurposing a Dog Show Grooming Box

    What is “ wains coat “?
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    Macon Pattern Conversion 1842 Springfield Musket

    What kind of backlog does he usually have? Lodgewood is 6 months, at least I am 68 years old and don’t have a lot of time to wait. Any other recommendations for guys that can do this work?
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    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on LR primers at any kind of decent price.
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    When Did the Shotgun Become a Shotgun

    I have seen references to “ shotguns “ in historical documents from prior to the Civil War.
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    Reloading Lever Damaging Balls

    No need for worry. I filled the concave end of the loading lever ram flush with metal set epoxy anyway on a couple of my guns. Makes one less nook and cranny to clean.
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    YES! A.40 cal. Flinter can Kill!

    Pretty good performance for a little .40. ball.
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    Does this look right to you ?

    i would file the notches off the edges of the front sight, and use needle files and fine sandpaper to blend in the grooves with the muzzle and the barrel flats. Same for the edges of the sight dovetail.
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    Sharpe's Rifles

    IIRC, they were Baker rifles.
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    YES! A.40 cal. Flinter can Kill!

    Where did you hit it?