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  1. Phil Coffins

    1863 Starr single action revolver original cylinder stop

    That’s the way shooting original guns works, when they break you have ruff time fixing them. Good luck.
  2. Phil Coffins

    Rifle plug removal, field removal

    And he is the one that learned me to be heathy by maintaining my protective crust!
  3. Phil Coffins

    Rifle plug removal, field removal

    Red Green and Patrick McManus are my role models!
  4. Phil Coffins

    Correcting point of balance

    Drill a hole under the butt plate and add bird shot. Top off with putty when you have the balance.
  5. Phil Coffins

    Rifle plug removal, field removal

    This tread makes me think it would be a good idea to pull my Jeep engine to change the oil.
  6. Phil Coffins

    Gettysburg Cross Stitch

    The gal has talent.
  7. Phil Coffins

    Kibler Colonial Trigger Install?

    It’s in the lock mortise.
  8. Phil Coffins

    Making hammers for a percussion gun

    Hammers should be made of low carbon steel like 8620 or 1117 alloy then for durability case harden them. IMG_0473 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
  9. Phil Coffins

    Awfully quiet over at Kiblers.

    No pictures, it didn’t happen! :dunno:
  10. Phil Coffins

    Casting aluminum bronze

    Use a spectrophotometer. If you intend to make a cannon you would be well advised to know about the strength of materials. A lot of data is in the Machinist’s Handbook.
  11. Phil Coffins

    Casting aluminum bronze

    What’s the silica content of the scrap from work?
  12. Phil Coffins

    Trigger guard jig

    I use soft jaws in my vice to hold them and file the areas that will be inlet, then mount them on the stock and file and sand the outsides.
  13. Phil Coffins

    Mold size question for .40 cal

    .375” would be to small a .390” would be my first guess but better yet try any size with a patch material of your choice and see how it feels pushing it down the bore. Easy to get back out if the breech isn’t in.
  14. Phil Coffins

    Antelope stuff

    I’ve never seen an antelope jump a fence, all seem to prefer to go under and generally they have a preferred spot. Some will run past an open spot to go under the fence. A unique animal!
  15. Phil Coffins

    Case colored locks

    These are about 600 grit polish as compared to 320 grit on this Sharps. I have retired and only on rare occasions do anything for anyone. IMG_1013 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
  16. Phil Coffins

    Do you name the guns that you build?

    I don’t often name one as they never come when I call them! But on occasion one might earn a name or two. o_O
  17. Phil Coffins

    Case colored locks

    A couple of my shooting buddys are building rifles and asked me to case color harden their locks. This is charcoal case and although they were done together each has its own colors and patterns. One fellow wants his screws cased the other will be nitre blueing his screws. IMG_0585 by Oliver...
  18. Phil Coffins

    Historical Accuracy!

    When I find these things and have a definitive answer with a source they can check I bring it their attention. Done politely it some times has helped them to have a better understanding of the subject. The least amount of effort has worked a few times.
  19. Phil Coffins


    Rather than doing math I’d ask how does it feel. A snug fit that pushes down with modest pressure is correct. I’ve never measured a patch thickness and still do OK. IMG_0200 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
  20. Phil Coffins

    How much to file the front sight

    As often as that bit of math is needed shouldn’t it be pinned to the top?