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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    You have displayed your "intellect" by your lack of ability to write coherent sentences. What is it that you are trying to communicate? Never mind a response, as it will undoubtedly be filled with grammatical errors, lack of punctuation, and random words structured together in such a manner...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    DUH!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Posted for the benefit of others, not to get life advice from strangers! I think I can handle my finances, business dealings, and determine for myself what battles are worth fighting in my sixties. Additionally, I know the difference between "red grease" and rust, I...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    A detailed reading of my subsequent posts will indeed reveal that it is rust, with photographic evidence. Rust and grease, red or otherwise, have very dissimilar physical characteristics and are easily distinguished. Some of the nipples, cones for you purists, were rusted in place and...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    Yes, it is my revolver, I was aware of that fact from the time I clicked "Buy Now" on my phone screen. I will live with my purchase. As to why I bothered with my first post, I have made that abundantly clear to all with rudimentary reading comprehension. It was a warning to those who may be...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    I got it cleaned up and put 4 cylinders of round ball thru it. Did alright with 23 grains of Pyro P and .375 round balls at a distance of 50 yards, which is the exact distance from my back deck rail to the fence. No, the dog (not mine, don't know where she came from) was not by my target when...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    Here is a pic of one of the rusted nipples I just removed from the cylinder. Also a pic of the "Business End" of the cylinder. Top left has corrosion, top right has the remnants of a spent cap, thus obscuring the ability to see the flashhole. I will clean it up and use the revolver, as I am...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    Ok, fellas, I really hate to "toot my horn", but I am an intelligent, adult human being with multiple degrees, including one in civil engineering. Not to mention I have six plus decades of practical living experience, including 47 years of shooting muzzleloaders. I can easily distinguish...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    That is straight up rust. Forgot to attach of pic of the barrel end, but it was quite rusty also. The gun was very dry except in nooks and crannies. Every other revolver i have ever purchased was slathered in oil inside of the plastic wrap. The 1862 Police Model I got from Midway some years...
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    New Uberti 1861 Navy from Midway. Buyer Beware!

    Just received a "brand new" Uberti 1861 Navy in the mail today. Several years ago, I purchased a 1862 Police from Midway, and it came with a corroded and pitted barrel, and obvious signs of use without cleaning. After MUCH haggling I was able to get my money back. Figured it was a "one-off"...
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    .36 vs. .44 "Stopping Power"

    There is a large difference in performance, as when loaded to normal capacity, the .44 is nearly twice as powerful as a .36. Both can achieve similar velocities, but the .44 ball (.454 or so) is twice as heavy. For shooting varmints and plinking .36 will suffice. My 1851 Navy in .36 is my...
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    .36 vs. .44 "Stopping Power"

    I quite often regret simple posts I put on this forum for information. This thread is about the relative capabilties of cap and ball revolvers, not a discourse on the merits of every modern handgun against possible opponents, human or otherwise. Yes, I am very aware that "Stopping power" is a...
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    .36 vs. .44 "Stopping Power"

    This is a follow up to a recent thread concerning the "Stopping Power" of a .36 Navy. Today's test was simple, and I did not use a chrono today. The test was to see if a .36 and .44 would penetrate a 2x6, and at what distance it would not. Well, I ran out of distance before I ran out of...
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    .36 Colt Navy that powerful??????

    " Cavalry". There, I fixed it. Autospell, as I use "Calvary" often on my phone. Speaking of which, the "Cavalry" may be able to save your carcass for a short time, but only "Calvary" can save your soul for eternity! I know, because on November 26th, 1994, the "Calvary" rescued me from my...
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    Why .40 cal?

    Of all my rifles, the .40 cal gets shot the least of them. I don't hunt small game anymore, but even if I did I would prefer a .36 over the .40. Paper and cans are also killed just as well with a .36. I have killed deer with the .40, but it is lighter than I prefer. I don't live on the...
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    Longer flints; Or inserting flints farther out?

    My main flintlock is supposed to use a 3/4" x 3/4" flint. I really was not impressed with the performance, so I just use a 1 inch square flint nowadays, which works great. For range shooting, which is 99% of all my shooting, I will double up the leather, and even put sticks (wooden matchsticks...
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    .36 Colt Navy that powerful??????

    My favorite cap and ball revolver is a 1851 .36 Navy. With a moderately heavy load, it will throw a .380 round ball at just over 1100 fps. Can get around 900 fps with a 130 grain conical. Either will do the job on the intended target at appropriate range, I prefer 20 yards or less. There are...
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    Pyrodex RS (FF equivalent) in a revolver

    I shoot a lot of Pyro RS in my revolvers, never have had an issue with it. It is slightly less energetic than Pyro P or Swiss 3f, but hotter than Goex 3f, in revolvers. My data is based on many thousands of rounds over the chrono. In rifles Pyro RS lags far behind Pyro P. For target...
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    Pedersoli .54 RMH Chrono Results

    Took the opportunity on a glorious NW Missouri Feburary afternoon to "Bust some Caps" in my .54 Pedersoli Rocky Hawken. I used a 70 grain spout for all loads to imitate my actual hunting practice, a Speer .530 round ball, and prelubed .020 patches. I have measured on an electric scale in the...
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    2024 cap update, bad and the bad

    We are not being lead by "fools and quizlings", but by a well organized amd powerful conglomerate, who are executing their plans to perfection. We will soon be looking back to the Good Old Days of early 2024, when our biggest problem was finding caps and other bawbles for our hobbies. Not...
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    Bought a pieta 1858 Remington. Looking for some load data and answers.

    I doubt that using 40 grains of powder would result in any realistic gain in a 5.5" barrel. That short barrel will not effectively burn all that powder. You WILL get tremendous recoil, horrible muzzle flash, and probably abysmal accuracy. I actually shoot better with the Colt style sights...