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  1. Marplot

    WANTED WTB or trade for

    @Brad Foust found your ad!
  2. Marplot

    Update on Unique Cases from Jim Kibler

    I am tired of responding. I keep telling you all that it is OK. I am asking the mods to close this thread.
  3. Marplot

    Update on Unique Cases from Jim Kibler

    I called the website and made an order with a man. Think it was Jerry. I gave him my credit card number and he sent me the cases. I think he is ok. Jim Kibler is buying from him. Or ordering from them.
  4. Marplot

    Update on Unique Cases from Jim Kibler

    about a month and a half
  5. Marplot

    Update on Unique Cases from Jim Kibler

    Unique Cases is right on track! I even ordered two more and they came perfect and quick. You can absolutely trust them!
  6. Marplot

    Lantakas - swivel guns - pre1600

    There are two ways for certain, 1. Measure the bore down to the breech. If the measuring goes almost all the way, the breech "plug" is too thin and it was not made for shooting. 2. If you carefully look at the barrel about 1/3rd from the muzzle, you will see three iron pins flush with the...
  7. Marplot

    My first flintlock - Kibler WoodsRunner kit

    BTW I finished my first Woods Runner. Extra Fancy. Came out well, I think. Kibler does some nice wood and the CNC Carving really pops. I was scared to death I would screw it up! Just follow Jim Kibler's videos and trust him. Got so courageous that I just bought a SMR kit .45 cal and select...
  8. Marplot

    SOLD Kirkland guns pre Dixie SxS shotgun. 20 gauge UNFIRED lower price

    Somebody STOP ME! Buy it. I have a lesser gun, but similar.
  9. Marplot

    Target shooting. Roundball .440 vs .445

    What does a shredded patch mean? (Round Ball)
  10. Marplot

    FOR SALE New Price *** AMR target percussion pistol in .45 New

    did not realize it was a spanish copy. Still a good gun, but want a Patriot.
  11. Marplot

    time machine

    Like California, I am happy to visit, but don't want to live there!
  12. Marplot

    SOLD Model 1816 Springfield Musket, Belgian/cone-in conversion $175

    I am buying the story! Thank you. I will tell this when I point out this wall-hanger! Call it sold. Add in $40 for shipping. Sending details by PM. Thank you all, Bill and Anne
  13. Marplot

    SPECIAL SELECT MAPLE Kibler Kits Move quickly!!!

    I think it will be here on Saturday, today is Thursday.
  14. Marplot

    SPECIAL SELECT MAPLE Kibler Kits Move quickly!!!

    Yes. This is about this: W way O F R eal K nowledge
  15. Marplot

    Cleaning jag getting stuck

    I start by pinching the nipple between the hammer and squirt Moose Milk (9 parts water and 1 part Ballistol) down the muzzle.
  16. Marplot

    Cleaning jag getting stuck

    Will that lubrication, the jag should slide!
  17. Marplot

    SPECIAL SELECT MAPLE Kibler Kits Move quickly!!!

    Not yet. It has been shipped from Kibler.
  18. Marplot

    Hey y'all from Georgia, USA

    Howdy down there from Stone Mountain GA! Having fun and doin' some shootin' If you like, click on my picture and start a conversation. I know some good ranges and want to connecting with local people to shoot and share.
  19. Marplot

    Goodbye my friends

    We will miss you. If you just reach out for visits. I have also benefited from you. God Bless. I am still spry and keep shooting. Need your assistance!